iOS is a bit on the limited side when it comes to sending a multitude of emails from the Camera Roll. Apple has limited users to just 5 photo attachments if users want to use the built in email sharing option.

Fortunately, jailbreaking exists to get rid of such limitations. Check inside for a video walkthrough of Mail More Photos, a tweak that allows one to send a seemingly infinite amount of photos via email…

The developer of Mail More Photos included an extra option that tells you the total size of all of the photo attachments prior to sending. That way, you have good idea how long it’ll take and how much data you’ll use.

If you’re someone who sends a lot of email, then Mail More Photos may be something that’ll improve your email experience. It’s $0.99 for jailbroken devices on Cydia.

  • Wasn’t there a free tweak that could do this on iOS 4 ? Not being able to see if it works on iOS 5 ( i4s ) I couldn’t say if it works on iOS 5

    • Works great on iPhone4 5.0.1

      • What works great …this or the other tweak that could do this on its 4 ?

  • You know you can attach more than 5 pictures natively without a jailbreak or a third party application?

    When you have selected your multiple pictures in the camera roll (as many as you like) instead of doing share -> email just select copy, then open the mail app and paste them into the body. This still gives you the option to select the file size of all the images you’ve attached from the bar above the subject.

    Hope this helps you if you’re not jailbroken, took me a while to work it out and would be nice if apple would allow multiple pictures to be sent using the share function to save the hassle.

    • Freddy Eldaya

      if you choose more the 5 pictures in the camera roll… the copy button is greyed out…. thus u cannot email more than 5. but if you use a third party app this is possible

      • Works fine on both my iPad and iPhone – non jailbroken running iOS 5.0.1 ?

    • Dan

      good to know, this seems a more logical way to send more than one picture

    • Eric Morgan

      You can’t copy more than 5 either. Not sure what ours talking about. Disregard my statement. On my non jail broken iPad 2 I can copy unlimited. Deleting this tweak on iPhone 4 to see if it’s the reason my copy button disappears. Nope. Disappears on jailbroken iPhone. iPad 2 can copy unlimited. Strange. Anyone know anything? Is this a jailbreak bug no has ever discovered before?

  • I was waiting 4 this tweak. Finally someone created! Thnx.

  • Can’t you do this and more with AnyAttach in Cydia store?

  • Jose Figueroa

    im wondering what happened to the ‘hold tap + swipe across pictures to select’ option in iOS 5

    anybody have any info on that?

    • Anonymous

      WHOA! I’ve never heard of that before, but that is one fucken amazing idea!!!

  • Guest

    another option…. send multiple emails… its a pain but funcional

  • Jonas Baradas

    If you’re using Gmail, download its Google third-party app. It can attach multiple photos. 🙂