LockLauncher — not to be confused with, well, LockLauncher — is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to launch up to 9 different apps directly from your lock screen.

Despite its unoriginal name, LockLauncher differs from the previous LockLauncher we reviewed last summer. This version of LockLauncher is both free, and features the ability to launch more apps.

Be sure to check out our video walkthrough to see what it brings to the table…

Upon installation, LockLauncher places 9 blank squares on your Lock screen. Tapping the blue arrow in the upper left-hand corner of your Lock screen enters “edit mode.” This allows you to tap on each of the squares and assign a specific app to that position. Once finished editing, tap the blue arrow again to exit edit mode.

The one thing about LockLauncher that I wish was different were the animations after launching an app. Instead of directly launching the app, it went through the motions of the unlocking animation, and then launched the app at the Home screen. That seems like a pretty inefficient method for launching apps because it slows you down. Instead, it would have been nice if an app would directly launch without the need of the unlocking animation.

If you have a passcode lock enabled, LockLauncher will require the passcode before the app is launched. That’s a good thing, meaning the tweak doesn’t compromise your device’s security.

If interested, you can download LockLauncher for free from Cydia. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

  • Anonymous

    I personally hate the way it looks on the lock screen, like a lot of tweaks, it just isn’t really needed. I’d rather just set up an activator gesture to open an app I use regularly, there certainly isn’t 9 apps i need access to on my lock screen.

    • A wasted tweak… lockscreen is a lockscreen you dont need so much modification there.

      • Anonymous

        You certainly don’t need 9 ugly little icons lol, if anything, an infinidock style scrollable row of icons would have looked better.

      • Don

        actually there is a tweak that offers just that, its called quickdo, and apart from that it offers awesome gestures below your dock, also opening the appswitcher with an upwards swipe
        (where have i heard that before, ah yes the “new” tweak zephyr) and a virtual homescreen where you can put your favorite apps on.

  • “This version of LockLauncher is both free, and features the”….is both free? Should fix the typo 🙂

  • jose castro

    the only thing that need to be on the lock screen in intelliscreen X

    • Agreed.. intelliscreenX is amazing

    • Anonymous

      Intelliscreenx UI is fucking nice.

  • Anonymous

    First of all, it is ugly. Secondly, I don’t need/like to have my lock screen looking like a mini springboard. And last but not least, I DON’T have a Lockscreen so I never slide any button to open my iPhone. Therefore, this app is completely useless to me. If you are interested the app is called “NoLockScreen” in Big Boss repo.

  • Dan

    didn’t see the right version in cydia

  • I just want rpetrich to fix the MultiSlide… Anytime I touch the slider it changes from my own language to English and then the text (Slide To Unlock, App name, etc.) is all the way on the left and almost invisible. Also if battery decreases under 20% and I want to unlock it’s impossible and it just freezes on the lockscreen with repeating sound of unlocking 🙁

  • Cashes my iPhone 5. Took it off.

  • its actually called lockscreen locklauncher