How to Display Album Art in Your App Switcher

By , Dec 13, 2011

AlbumArt on AppSwitcher, a new jailbreak tweak available for free on Cydia, isn’t the most elegantly named tweak out there.

But where its name may seem complex, its function is as simple as it gets. AlbumArt on AppSwitcher replaces the music icon that resides in your App Switcher with the album art of the tunes playing in your Music app.

Check inside for a video walkthrough of it in action.

Once you install the tweak, there’s nothing to setup or configure, just install it and go.

It would be nice if Apple included something like this by default, wouldn’t it?

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  • Alex

    Cool app. Now how much does this thing cost….

    • Ernesto Castellanos


  • Vlad Makarov

    Hi from Russia to you,Jeff!
    By the way,I and a lot of other people in Moscow like your blog a lot,some sites are even translating your news to russian and posting them,such as
    Thank you very much for opening such a great site,keep on posting new stuff:))

  • Jarrod Manwaring

    Animal Collective!

  • generationally

    iOS5 only :-/

  • Eyal Rotem

    Another good tweak is ” MultiMusicInfo ” which also shows the full name – title – album in the appswitcher.
    and it has the album art as well.

  • Anonymous

    As with some of the newer tweaks, good idea, bad implementation.

    The album art would look much better with the curved design the apps and the rotation lock in the app switcher have. It doesn’t look very nice in comparison to the rest of the app switcher, similar to the iNooks fix with the square icon in comparison to the rest of the springboard.

    Then I’ll consider using this.

    • Eyal Rotem

      MultiMusicInfo has it