We’ve seen multiple iOS-controlled helicopters and other robotic accessories over the last few months. Apparently, using your iDevice to remotely control a bite-sized vehicle is becoming quite popular.

But even though the RC market is getting crowded, there is still tons of room for innovative products. Romotive proves that with Romo, the first iPhone/iPod touch-powered (and controlled) robot… 

Romo is a fully motorized, acrylic robot that is both controlled and powered by an iOS device. The vehicle is a treaded, motorized chassis with a cradle for your iPhone, and interfaces with your handset through its audio jack (so technically any smartphone will work).

Once you’ve connected Romo to your device, the robot is controlled by its complimentary iOS application. Not only can the app direct Romo, but it can receive live video and audio from the connected gadget. Confused? Watch this video (careful, it gets loud):

Romo is the brainchild of engineers Peter Seid and Phu Nguyen, a.k.a Romotive. It’s a Kickstarter project that has recently blown past its $32,000 funding goal with over $114,000 in pledges. The robot is currently still in beta, but should be available in a few months.

What do you think of Romo?

[The Verge]

  • i’d impulsively take one and probably stop using it after a few days

  • I would never buy anything named Romo

  • I would never buy anything named Romo

  • Rename it Siri and have it Siri-controlled.

  • Holy Shit Romo is so far,
    Battery Dies,
    Holy Shit where the f@#$ is my !@#4 iPhone.

  • i want it more than a helicopter

  • It’s a nice robot and awesome way of controlling it but just seriously? No protective case for the iPhone, everyone should reconsider about buying it

  • hurrah that’s amazingly done atlast, and i hope this is such a great informational.

  • i don’t have word for this robot.but great thought, as we seen that this robot is motorized and working by iOS device.this Robot will definitely get success.