iRemoco, the Remote Control Helicopter for Your iPhone

Since Apple opened up the ability for developers to control attached accessories, I have been waiting for products like this to start pouring into the market. iRemoco is a mini helicopter that comes with an attachment for your iPhone or iPod.

An iOS application gives you full control of the iRemoco helicopter, using the dock connector attachment to transmit the signal. Andrew Ayres and Tom Sisterson have been working on this project for 18 months and it’s finally ready for the masses…

The iRemoco helicopter is lightweight, but very well designed. The frame is made of metal, and the rotor blades are made of flexible, durable plastic. The accompanying iOS software lets you use the iDevice’s touch screen and even its motion sensor, to control the helicopter.

The iRemoco isn’t exactly available yet. Like many of the cool iDevice inventions we’ve shown on iDB, iRemoco is still a prototype. Although it’s ready for market, the developers need help funding the first round of production. That’s where Kickstarter comes in.

The 2 iRemoco inventors have formed the business Ternosis and taken to the project-funding website to get iRemoco off the ground (see what I did there?). If you pledge $99 or more, you basically get one of these cool gadgets when they start shipping. $100 is kind of steep, but if it’s as solid as it looks in the video, I might have to snag one.

What do you think?