Another hidden feature has been uncovered in iOS 5. After we told you about the panorama mode in the Camera app, 9to5Mac uncovered an Android-like autocorrect keyboard bar that can be enabled without a jailbreak.

Instead of the classic method of offering corrections in iOS, this secret feature offers suggestions in a bar above the keyboard, much like the Android OS. This autocorrect bar is relatively easy to enable.

You’ll need the same tool that’s used to enable the panorama mode. The process involves editing an iTunes backup of your iPhone or iPod touch on your computer.

Step 1: Download iBackupBot for Mac or Windows.

Step 2: Open iBackupBot and locate your most recent iTunes backup. (You will be restoring to this backup, so keep that in mind.)

Step 3: Navigate to Library/Preferences/ and open the file. (If you’re running the trial version of iBackupBot, press cancel when the warning message pops up and continue.)

Step 4: Add this code at the bottom: <key>KeyboardAutocorrectionLists</key><string>YES</string>

Step 5: Save your edit and restore your iPhone or iPod touch from the modified backup in iBackupBot.

User reports seem to indicate that this feature is a little unstable, so keep in mind that you are tampering with unfinished elements of iOS.

MacStories notes that this autocorrect bar already exists in the Japanese Kana iOS keyboard, so we can assume that this hack only extends this bar to other iOS keyboard languages.

What do you think of the hidden autocorrect bar? Do you like it more than the default autocorrect system in iOS 5?

  • Kok Hean

    It’s kind of obstructive.

  • why would i restore ! ? is there no toher option ?

  • Dan

    if I have to restore I think I’ll pass

    • If you have a jailbreak and know how to use SSH, you don’t have to restore.

      • Dan

        cool, I will look into it, always eager to expand my jailbreak knowledge 🙂

  • Where can we change this manually? This is a damn jailbreak site…

    • Tyler Miranda

      Then learn how to use simple jailbreak tools. The article tells you where to add the key!! Use ifile. If you cant figure out how to make this work without a step by step guide for children then you shouldn’t be jailbreaking your phone.

      • ReanimationXP

        The article did NOT originally include this information, and still doesn’t, so I added it. But thanks for your sound advice, fool. The location of a plist file is not a “step by step guide for children”.

        Jesus some of you are dumb.

    • The instructions above tell you how to do this manually.

      • ReanimationXP

        No, it does not. It tells you how to do it retardedly using non-jailbreak tools and requiring a restore.

  • Adam D

    Trying this made my iPad suggest corrections to my password. Not cool.

    Jailbreakers can do this much faster by changing the plist with iFile and respringing.


    • How do i do it with a jailbroken device?

      • Adam D

        Use iFile to go to /User/Library/Preferences, then find Tap it and then text viewer. Press edit and put this before the [/dict] line:


        Save this and respring the device. To turn it off, remove what you added to the file.


      • it’s sillybuns..

      • het is toch niet ??

      • Adam D

        Whoops, I meant to say above. Can’t edit my comment for some reason, but it’s definitely not


  • For anyone who’s not an idiot, the .plist is located here:

    Add a new String-type property using the Property Viewer in iFile, and name it

    Click on it after it’s created, and change the currently empty value to YES.

    Respring. No restore necessary. Author is foolish.

    • It works 😉 Tnx 😉

    • But you where right about the space button.. It is really annoying ;S Sometimes the word im writing is right, but the autocorrect still comes up and i can move to my next word.. Wtf?

  • Anonymous

    Is there a video with this tweak working? I’d like to see how it works first..

  • Siddharth Desai

    Very buggy. Recommended not to use.

  • Do this works in a iPhone 3GS running iOS5? I’m wondering… I would really love to have it on my iPhone, because i misspell everything, just don’t have coordenation to type on that micro keyboard… And I’m afraid of doing it and screw everything… Could anyone tell me if it works?

  • I’ve tried it using iFile but when I saved it, closed it and opened it again, the line was gone.

  • i dont have that plist in my backup

  • Anonymous

    The instructions above are a little misleading, as it can’t go “at the bottom”.



  • Rob Minnaert

    tried it, didn’t work. it even undid my jailbreak, so it’s a load of crap

    • You’re an idiot. There’s no way this could “undo” a jailbreak. Unless you restored, in which case.. f**king duh.

  • It’s worth noting that the way to change it back is to change YES to NO, instead of just deleting the entry and restoring. I couldn’t change it back fast enough!

    • Joel Thomas

      Hey Joe, I have a question. Since everyone on here seems very adept at complaining about the buggy new auto-correction feature but you’re the only one who’s said how to get rid of it, I’m hoping you can help me.

      On my old 3GS I just installed the Cydia tweak in order to get the autocorrect bar. I never downloaded iBackupBot and edited plists there, nor did I mess with any of the files on iFile either. It was just a clean install so I didn’t figure my backup would be affected, right?

      Well I got my 4S day before yesterday and as you know it isn’t jailbreakable yet and yet somehow I have this god forsaken keyboard on here. Siri has been really helpful in silent environments to aid with taking notes and sending text messages but when I’m out in public typing on this keyboard is a pain. Obviously something’s up with the backup, though I don’t know how on earth it got edited. Perhaps the tweak I installed left some sort of remnant altered bit of code in my plist file, idk, all I know is all online blogs tell you how to GET this infernal thing and not how to get rid of it (except for your blessed comment here finally, thank god)

      So here’s my question. My looked like this when I first opened it:


      Now according to this blog, and about a bajillion others, the way to get it on my phone would be to add these lines to the code:


      And according to you, just deleting this line isn’t enough to get ride of it, one needs to change the value from YES to NO.

      My question then is this, should I add the line you suggested to my plist to make this go away?



      Or (seeing as I had the autocorrection list even before I added that line, and there is already a keyboard autocorrection lists line of code on my untampered plist that may be the culprit) should I just change that value from to and hope that gets rid of the new keyboard? Meaning:


      Please, any and all insight from you (or any other helpful reader of this blog for that matter) would be appreciated. I have 0% knowledge of code so I don’t want to tamper with this stuff based on nothing but a hunch of mine and jack up my device UI even more.

      Please advise.

      • Joel Thomas

        The commenting system has jacked up what I originally typed for some reason and I can’t edit it right. Before anyone goes out of their way to call me stupid or an idiot or retarded when it comes to coding as so many commenters seem eager to, let me clarify.

        In order to read my code entries correctly please ignore the or right before line, they don’t exist and I don’t know how the extra entries came to be.

        Similarly, the and lines after KeyboardAutocorrectionLists should have a “/” at their end, right before the “>” But again, they seem to have magically disappeared.

        Also I don’t know where the false and true statements at the end of my comment came from lol, they just appeared and have no relevance to my entry whatsoever.

        Hopefully this post doesn’t get autocorrected as well T_T

        cheers 😀

  • how do i disable it cuz i hate it ?

  • Gio

    there is also a Georgian keyboard hidden in ios 5, any idea how to enable it?

  • This freaking sucks.

  • Crashes all the time and it a horrible layout. IM GOING BACK! If i were you i would not do this.

  • Cannot change value to NO fast enough. Horrible interface.

    Example: type “Just a test” in an iMessage. It comes up with “Judy” as the 1st word… and the space bar only moves to the next suggestion. You’ll never be able to type “Just”.

  • This never happens to me.