If one of the first thoughts to your mind when Newsstand was revealed at WWDC was: “I’m never going to use that”, then this tweak is for you.

NoNewsIsGoodNews is a jailbreak tweak from Ryan Petrich that completely removes the Newsstand folder from iOS 5 installations.

Inside, I go hands on with NoNewsIsGoodNews, and I also showcase the much talked about Newsstand folder glitch…

NoNewIsGoodNews can be downloaded for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Obviously, you’ll need an iOS 5 compatible device, since Newsstand is iOS 5 only.

Will you try NoNewsIsGoodNews, settle for the Newsstand folder glitch, or are you one who believes that Newsstand is actually useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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    • Yeah FINALLY I have a jailbreak for something I don’t use which I can otherwise tuck into some folder. this JB saved my life. I actually had mentally broken down on seeing newstatnd on more than one occasion. There have been days when I’ve sobbed for hours on seeing something on my phone screen I never used.

      This JB saved my life and I just paypal’d the author $1000. Yes, its that good.

      • Whammy!

        I had to wait almost a WEEK for this! Six days! WTF jailbreak community?!??! Get your act together!

  • jamesandyori

    I would love to use this tweak but . . I can’t get used to a tethered jailbreak. Worse yet my windows xp is unable to run the latest jailbreaks for 5. I had to use my wife’s laptop with Windows 7. But again to have to use the reboot so much was too much of a pain for me.

    So propose that no more tweaks should’ve made until the untethered jailbreak is released!

    Can I get a ” Oh he’ll yeah?”


    • jamesandyori

      I meant hell not he’ll! Damn spell check!

      • jamesandyori

        Holy crap! Let’s try again:

        I propose that no more tweaks should be made until 5’s untethered jailbreak is released!

    • Gus Me

      He’ll Yeah!! lol 😉

    • Micke

      “Have to use the reboot so much”.

      Why? Your battery is constantly draining? I haven’t had to reboot my iPhone since i jailbroke it.
      Can’t see why anyone would have to do it all the time.

      • jamesandyori

        It seems to me that a few of my tweaks require “reboots” and then when I did the reboot sometimes it didn’t work. Anyway as far as I know a couple of my favorite Tweaks aren’t ready for 5 yet like remove background.

        And also it looks like xp is too old and I will need windows 7.

    • JoBerlin

      … still have an iPhone with old iBoot 🙂 untethered forever!

  • Brandon

    Love this tweak! And a tethered jailbreak really isnt that bad. I have a computer at work and at home i can use if my phone should ever reboot (which it shouldnt unless i’m doing something with Cydia with it) and i carry a USB jump drive with the IPSW and redsn0w on it, so all i need is a computer with my USB cable and i can reboot 🙂 totally worth it, but i agree that an untethered jailbreak would be so much less effort.

    • jamesandyori

      I do work on a Mac at work so as long as I can boot it from the flash without installing anything onto the CPU then no one will ever know!

  • prplaya420

    this tweaks put the phone into safe mode every once in a while

  • JoBerlin

    I moved Newsstand into a folder. Unfortunately it popped up again after rebooting my iPhone. Anyone else had that problem?
    So this tweak seems to be the answer.

  • I tried folders-in-folders on my touch 2g running iOS 4.0 and my iPad on 4.3.1 and it worked. It’s odd to see that Apple hasn’t fixed this bug for over a year now.


  • Csharp

    Would love to use jailbreak tool but im on the 4s so for now the glitch will have to work for me. Never will use newsstand on iPhone. iPad definitely. But not until I stop being lazy and upgrade to ios 5 on iPad seems like a hassle for a silly notification center. Anyway sorry for the ramble.

  • bob

    glitch works fine..