Which is faster? Well, obviously the iPhone 4S is faster, but you might be surprised at just how much faster.

In certain areas, namely gaming, the iPhone 4S blows the iPhone 4 out of the water. In other areas, the differences are surprisingly less discernable.

We’ve pitted the former heavyweight champ against the newcomer, and we’ve documented the results on video. Who wins? Watch and see…

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 4 Head to Head on the Following:

  • Boot up
  • Camera App Loading
  • Camera Shutter
  • YouTube App
  • Safari web-browsing
  • Safari Reader
  • Real Racing 2
  • Shut down

While the iPhone 4S won pretty much every one of these battles, some were much closer than one might expect.

Be sure to take a look at the video, and see which areas the 4S dominated, and which areas the iPhone 4 fought back.

What do you think? Are you finding your 4S to be much faster than your iPhone 4?

  • _

    Typo 1st line, 2nd paragraph.

    • Thanks. I miss MS Word for that reason. Pages’ spell checker leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Tommy

    Did I see you had reader on the phone jw if so I havent seen that jn cydia did you like take some files and ssh them or something?

    • it’s an iOS 5 feature

      • oryan

        I do not have this. and I already have the iOS 5 … :\
        Do I need to enable this somewhere ?

    • Justin

      Not all websites will show the reader option. If you go to idownloadblog.com though, the reader option is available.

      • oryan

        I have check this already with the idownloadblog.com website.
        still I dont have the reader option ..

  • Camilo

    Siri is the real game changer, I can wait ten more seconds for my games to load…

    • Tomb198269

      Siri is not a game changer….. It’s a start though. Siri leaves much to be disired. Vlingo almost does as much.

      • Chris

        No it doesn’t. It doesn’t even come close to Siri.

        I bought it today and I was trying vlingo last night… while vlingo misses 70% of what I want to do, Siri hits 80% of what I want. The other 20% I can adjust myself.

        The lack of making appointments and reminders IS a game changer.

        I can just say: Siri, wake me up at 5am. my alarm is set.
        Same goes for reminders…

        With good lists of reminders and calendar… Its a huge difference.

  • I’ll just wait for the A6 processor not really that fast, though I want Siri real bad.

  • Justin

    Understandably, a lot of that is more dependant on network. The game really shows the processing speed difference, but of course it’s going to load faster. Gameplay is probably about the same since the game was made for the 4’s processor. I bet now developers will start making games that really tap into the power that’s available on the 4s.
    I have some apps that seem slow because they have a lot of calculating to do.
    Pro HDR takes a bit when merging the images. IMovie when exporting a video you create. Tiny planets. ITimeLapse.
    Any of those, or similar types of apps would be a great video comparison to see. (hint hint)
    Thanks for the videos, they are put together well and the narration flows well.

  • Charles

    Question: the turn on speed doesn’t that matter on how much stuff you have on the phone and the shut down speed?
    The more stuff the slower and the less stuff the faster? How much stuff is there on each of the iPhones?

  • Charles

    Question the turn on speed doesn’t that matter on how much stuff you have on the phone and the shut down speed?
    The more stuff the slower and the less stuff the faster? How much stuff is there on each of the iPhones?

  • Josh


    Warning: There’s a GLITCH in iOS 5, when the battery runs dead (at least for the 3GS). Apparently, Apple forgot (yes, forgot!) to put the “No battery” and “Charging” animations when the phone is off!
    So, when the phone runs out of battery, instead of a “No battery” animation, you’ll see a Dark Blue screen, AND when you plug it to the charger you will see a Yellow screen. DO NOT PANIC (I did), it’s just a bug.

    Just felt like sharing it with other users. Good luck.

  • FeO

    Question off topic but how do u zoom while taking a pic. Did they removed it on ios5

    • elv

      pinch the screen

    • Chris12923

      To zoom you need to put two fingers on screen and either pinch or spread them apart. After that you can move the onscreen bar to zoom in and out.

      • FeO

        Thanks guys.

  • Eric b

    Not a big deal but in the game example you started the game on the 4s before the 4

    • BoardDWorld

      Not just that, it’s the rendering that is 7x faster, load times are up to 2x faster.

  • Shawn

    Someone just tweeted a photo of an iPhone 4 running siri! iDB get on it!

  • Kuipo77

    Hey guys, anybody having any trouble with the 4s?? I have to keep rebooting my new 4s cause it will stop loading safari or Facebook or mail etc etc. basically anything with a data connection goes to loading mode forever and rebooting the phone its the only way to kick it out of it.

  • Sylvan

    I ran the same test today with my iPhone 4 and my co worker iPhone 4s and I didn’t see much of difference except picture quality on 4s seems to be clearer/ more accurate and SIRI on iPhone 4S , other than that no major change whatsoever ! So am not upgrading at all until iPhone 5 !

  • you have apps install on both phones , which makes the difference in speed ,browsing, and also many apps running on both iphones

  • Spizikes

    I’d rather have a tethered jailbroken iPhone 4 running i0s 5 than a stock iPhone 4s any day!!!!! Don’t need siri, I already got a girlfriend. =)

  • Ryan C

    When you consider that the CPU and GPU seem much faster (apps are really snappy), the speaker has had a nice improvement or so it seems (louder/clearer), battery life is better on iOS 5, and Siri is great, but all also the speech to text ability anywhere you would use a keyboard is huge. Love my 4s and it seems to deliver an overall better experience.

  • dan myth

    ehhh, oh my god alah and budda, have uou seen how fast i4s?? wow im deinitely upgrading my i4, wow so fast unbelievable

  • iChief

    Have people forgotten that this is supposed to be a phone. What should a smart phone do? Text, call and email. That’s it. For anything else use another device like an iPod, tablet, laptop etc

    • Justin

      OR, you could get them all in one and save hundreds of dollars. But that wouldn’t be the “smart” thing to do, would it?

  • Jen

    I think I’ll wait for the 5. Thanks for showing the difference.

  • Pryesh Gohil

    Same here when the iPhone 5 comes out with bigger screen, A6 chip, NFC possible – this will be a game changer 🙂 can’t wait – keeping hold of my iPhone 4

  • ibs

    I’m a big APPLE fan but I must say that Apple has disappointed me.512 RAM and 1 seconds difference ??!! What do they think us as users/customers?A medium of revenue?!!

    • Justin

      Yes. That is the point of a company, to make money. You may not be happy with it but over 4 million people are perfectly fine with it.

  • Ryan C

    Apple has never been about specs. It’s about user experience. Have you use the iPhone 4s? You wouldn’t even know that there was only 512mb ram in it. The thing absolutely flies. So why would they need 1gb of ram when their software is optimized with their hardware and the experience is arguably better than anything you can get on any other operating system? If you are gonna cry abou the ram in the 4s then you have no idea.

  • Marco

    you started the game first on the iphone 4s, seriously men, your making Iphone 4 look like shit -.-“

  • Marco

    And yeah, of course, im gonna waste 100 extra bucks, for Siri, and the internet,games, few[A FEW!] seconds faster. Right….