Hot off the heels of the illegitimate method for accessing the tweak settings on iOS 5, comes the legit release of PreferenceLoader, Activator, and many more pertinent tweaks for iOS 5.

For those of you who aren’t aware, PreferenceLoader was the biggie, because it is the means by which settings for your favorite jailbreak tweaks are configured. Without it, many tweaks would simply not function, or at least not function as intended.

Developer, Dustin Howett, the creator of PreferenceLoader, had been waiting until iOS 5 got closer to final, prior to releasing his much-needed Mobile Substrate utility…

Why PreferenceLoader Matters

Now that his utility is available, this should open the floodgates to many other jailbreak developers who need to update their tweaks and apps, making them compatible with iOS 5.

And surely enough, they’ve started to do just that. Ryan Petrich and Aaron Ash both released updates to many of their popular tweaks, including Activator, Barrel, RetinaPad, CyDelete, and Action Menu, among others.

Yep, jailbreaking on iOS 5 just got real. Are you excited?

  • I installed them, resprung, opened settings – crash. iPhone 4, iOS 5 GM.

    • There may be an issue on the iPhone 4, I’ve heard similar reports. The developer is looking at the crash log now.

    • JS

      Remove the kill background app, that’s the app causing the crash

      • Francesco

        Thnx bro really help jailbreak FTW will it gave a different ipsw like the Verizon had do that means a different jailbreak needed for sprint or it can be done with the verizon ipsw

      • Heathen711

        Just open the plist and set “has icon” to false and it works

    • fourtwentybuddy

      same thing on ipod touch 4g

  • Mark Linley

    Does this mean the 1/4 screen is fixed?

  • Mathieu R.

    I updated all of the three apps (CyDelete, Activator and PrefLoader) any did not have any issues.

  • Aaron

    Sweet, thanks for the update Jeff

  • Gabriel

    Not at all still long way to go unless a untethered jb is released everything is pretty much the same

  • Gabriel

    Not at all still long way to go unless a untethered jb is released everything is pretty much the same.

  • dave

    works fine for me,just don’t install so much tweaks,then it will not crash,wait for the official updates on ur favourite tweaks,just 2 or 3 days

  • iPH0neOZY

    I installed them, resprung, opened settings – crash. iPhone 3gs, iOS 5 GM. Same as, Cre4tiVe ?????

    • Looks like there may be a specific tweak causing this. I’ll post more as I find out more.

  • Kevin

    Hi All, i just need help.. I just update my Iphone 3gs 4.3.3 with comex jailbreak, the phone now boot up and turn the screen black, then reboot again. Anyone can help?

    • PG Tops

      You need ‘fix recovery 4.3’ put your phone in DFU mode & run fix recovery, done

      • Kevin

        Nop.. Got no luck..

    • iHelp

      Hope u saved everything cos Wat I’m about to tell u resets everything. Get iTunes ready on computer. Connect to iTunes hold power and home button for 10 secs then release power only hold home until iTunes finds it then follow the prompts. This will reset ur device back to factory. Try jailbreaking again but make sure you have full wi fi.

  • iPH0neOZY

    For enyone having the problem that i was having along with Cre4tiVe, it seems that another tweek called kill background was causing the problem,i uninstalled this and Setting opened up with no problem .HOPE THIS HELPS

  • saif

    i opened my cydia updated all three apps pref loader cydelete and activator but my phone keeps respring into safe mode after the update i have ios 4.3.5 on iphone 4

    • saif

      i mean it updated and when it respringed it was in safe mode and it still is everytime i respring it was fine before the update ios 4.3.5 iphone 4

  • spelz

    Same as above. Crashed and lost my 4.3.3. Tried everything. Now on 4.3.5 tethered. Thanks.

    • Rio

      Same here, don’t recommend installing if you’re trying to keep your 4.3.3 jailbreak. My iPhone4 kept going into a hard reset loop. Utilmately couldn’t get out of it and had to restore to 4.3.5. Without an untethered jailbreak for 4.3.5 I’ll be sitting tight for a min.

  • imti74

    Action menu seems to have problems with preferenceloader. after update Action Menu was putting into safemode. Uninstalled Action menu and now no problem. but left w/o action menu. anybody having same problem.

  • LOLgiraffe

    Right now I am running 4.2.8 jailbreak, will I be able to keep my jailbreak data if I update to iOS5 come the 12th?

  • Pierre Gagnon

    Why is PreferenceLoader not showing on my Cydia? It’s from the BigBoss repo, right?

    • Pierre Gagnon

      Never mind.. found it. I had to install SBSettings first…

  • Qosmio

    Another great and very informative video. Thanks

    Now on a side note and a little off subject You and other users might find this Very interesting ? ” Gridlock and Iconoclasm working on IOS 5 GM..

    It works on my iPhone 4 and no problems so far

    Kind regards Qosmio

  • Gus Me

    Any update on what is causing the issue on the iPhone 4? I have the updates waiting for me on Cydia, but I’m passing on updating until I know it’s safe. Just not in the mood to redo my phone right now…

  • Kalea

    Will there be an iphone4 sprint ios 5 untetherd jailbreak?

  • Johnny Cage

    Worked on my iPhone 4. iOS 5 GM. Only app I have installed that uses it currently is Activator.

    • Frank

      i just installed action menu 🙂

  • Alex

    I’m stuck in Safe Mode. 🙁

    • Frank

      I was like that, and put it back into DFU mode, is fine now.

  • USArcAngel117

    Hey Geff, PreferenceLoader is not showing up in packages or when i search Cydia. Help? (I installed Activator fine)

    • Bigants

      I’m having the same issue 🙁 even if I manually SSH preferenceloader.dylib, I am still unable to see any settings for my tweaks on ios 5 iPhone 4 GSM

  • fracking

    i’m having a problem with action menu – if i’m is pastebot, i can get the action menu menu – but when i try and use action menu with other apps, the copy menu does not appear – could it be a conflict with pastebot or has anyone having this issue?

    • Not a conflict. Probably just Pastebot preventing to use ActionMenu. I wouldn’t worry about that.