iOS 5 Jailbreaking Just Got a Whole Lot Better

Hot off the heels of the illegitimate method for accessing the tweak settings on iOS 5, comes the legit release of PreferenceLoader, Activator, and many more pertinent tweaks for iOS 5.

For those of you who aren’t aware, PreferenceLoader was the biggie, because it is the means by which settings for your favorite jailbreak tweaks are configured. Without it, many tweaks would simply not function, or at least not function as intended.

Developer, Dustin Howett, the creator of PreferenceLoader, had been waiting until iOS 5 got closer to final, prior to releasing his much-needed Mobile Substrate utility…

Why PreferenceLoader Matters


Now that his utility is available, this should open the floodgates to many other jailbreak developers who need to update their tweaks and apps, making them compatible with iOS 5.

And surely enough, they’ve started to do just that. Ryan Petrich and Aaron Ash both released updates to many of their popular tweaks, including Activator, Barrel, RetinaPad, CyDelete, and Action Menu, among others.

Yep, jailbreaking on iOS 5 just got real. Are you excited?