You might not know it, but HTC (High Tech Computer) has been around for more than a decade. In its earlier years, the company produced smartphones sporting older versions of Windows Mobile OS.

With the rise of Android in 2009, HTC started to focus on the up-and-coming OS. The move has helped grow the company exponentially over the last few years. In 2010, it also joined in on the Windows Phone 7 party.

But the landscape has changed in the mobile OS industry over the last several months. Microsoft and Nokia have announced a strategic partnership, and then there was Google’s Motorola purchase. So where does that leave HTC?

With both Microsoft and Google in bed with handset manufacturers, HTC seems to be feeling a bit left out. As a result, AppleInsider is reporting that the Taiwanese company is looking to purchase its own mobile operating system.

In particular, chairwoman Cher Wang mentioned that HTC has been considering purchasing webOS from Hewlett-Packard. The operating system was the focus of HP’s Palm acquisition last year, and it has surprisingly been recently discontinued.

HTC’s interest in webOS comes hot on the hills of a recent forced-licensing deal with Microsoft. The company is rumored to be paying the software giant $5 per handset for the use of Microsoft’s patented inventions found in Google’s Android OS.

Perhaps just as interesting is that Samsung also happens to be in the market for a mobile operating system. With constant run-ins with Apple’s lawyers over patent-infringing Android features, the Korean company could also benefit from a new, proprietary OS.

Lawsuits aside, manufacturers have obviously taken notice of Apple’s success with end-to-end control over hardware and software, and they are trying to emulate it. Microsoft with Nokia, Google with Motorola, and now possibly HTC with webOS.

But Apple’s been doing this for nearly 40 years, do you think any of these teams stand a chance? Tell us why or why not in the comments below.

  • ninjaCEO

    HTC makes some solid Android handsets. I would like to see a WebOS HTC device in 2012! Although the WebOS app market place still sucks bahls.

  • Manbearpig


  • My first and only HTC was the T-Mobile Shadow, and I never regretted 1 day of owning that device!

    On-the-other-hand, I immensely regretted owning the T-Mobile Shadow because of the crappy Windows Mobile 6 OS, which at first was okay, but quickly became very annoying…. Yes “ANNOYING”!!!!

    I don’t know if HTC with WebOS could now take me away from my iPhone4 and especially take me away from the promises of iPhone5, however if I had not switched already to the iPhone, I’d certainly take a look at HTC again!

    – Eric

    • Michael

      I’ve been a loyal iPhone user and fan since I made the switch but so many things Apple restrict, whether it be functions of the phone, the way we are allowed to use them etc, that I am seriously considering switching when my contract expires. The predicament I will be in is that my contract doesn’t expire until March, now by this time the iPhone 5 will be over 6 months old and going by recent release schedules it could not be due for a replacement for maybe another 8-10 months. By the time I can upgrade the upcoming iPhone will be outdated and I don’t think that will make me stay with them, there is guaranteed to be several newer, most likely better, Android devices out when my contract expires and a lot of features Android handsets have are so much more appealing than what Apple provide, the main 1 being expandable memory (I don’t see why Apple can’t have this instead of telling me basically to buy a more expensive option of the phone because expandable memory doesn’t make them any money).

      Decisions, decisions, decisions lol .. I’d like to see Apple releaqse a couple of handsets a year at least, maybe at 6 month intervals, being able to choose from probably 3 models, 1 several years old, another 2 years old ish and the upcoming 1 which will be 6 months old by the time I can upgrade, doesn’t leave me with many options to saty with them, even the newest will no doubt be massively outdated by that point.

      These are just my opinions btw, others may feel different but I just feel 1 phone every 12 months, minimum, isn’t enough with the competition and rate at which HTC etc release new, quality handsets.

  • DeltaJB

    They don’t stand a chancr

  • While it sounds good the reality of it is that HTC doesn’t make sleek looking phones. Just look at the picture with WebOS on it. The TouchPad, Veer and all the Pre’s looked and felt good. HTC lacks in this area. WebOS needs, deserves a company that will create devices that are equally as elegant as the OS.

    • Bradley

      They looked good, and felt good for all of about 3 months of moderate use. After that, keyboards started making a creaking sound with every keypress, the slider on the Pre got loose and would hang about 5 to 10 degrees out of line with the body of the phone. I had 3 Pres in one year and they all had the same problems.

      The WebOS phones did not have a build quality that was in line with the quality of the OS. That is why WebOS was doomed to fail.

  • Irha

    I think Android handset makers should form an alliance and buy webos just for the patents alone and counter the lawsuits from Microsoft and Apple.

  • Bada

    I think meego would be a far better os. Have you seen the way it runs on the nokia n9? Simply beautiful!!!