That’s the question many will be pondering over the next month or so. It’s widely expected that the iPhone will make the jump to its third official carrier when the iPhone 5 launches next month. With its launch, Sprint will finally gain access to what AT&T and Verizon have been enjoying for some time now.

Since it’s Sprint, it pretty much goes without saying that their data plans will beat that of any plan offered on competing carriers. Sprint’s main draw is the promise of real unlimited everything; that, of course, includes data. The question is, will it be enough to make you consider switching providers?

A recent report from Bloomberg suggests that the when Sprint begins offering the iPhone 5 in October, it will be “the country’s only operator to offer the device with unlimited data service for a flat fee…”

For heavy data users who aren’t grandfathered on one of AT&T’s or Verizon’s unlimited plans, Sprint’s offer may be enough to persuade them to switch over, an idea that Sprint is obviously banking on.

This is a very good thing for iPhone customers on all networks, as it means that all carriers will be working more diligently to provide plans that are appealing to customers.

What do you think? Would you make the switch for unlimited data?


  • Kyle

    If their plans were cheaper, I probably would switch over. I am one of the unfortuante people who cant afford Sprint’s plans which is why I am still holding out for a T-Mobile iPhone.

  • Juan

    nope. sprint is a POS network.

    • sOleFresh


      • Dane

        +1. Sprint sucks. Any of my friends who have that network always get texts so late and calling them sends me straight to voice mail. Plus 3G is such old tech and so slow. I stay on wifi all the time. Home, work, school, friends. Att and optimum wifi is available all over nj. If I’m on 3G I don’t even want to use data

    • +1

    • Anonops

      why do u always leave negative comments, sound like a poofta m8

  • I have to be honest, I’d consider it. That is, if you could do simultaneous talk/data. Since it’s CDMA, I don’t think you will be able to, unless Sprint comes up with some sort of work around. I really use the talk/data feature on AT&T a lot, so this is a deal breaker for me.

    • j.johnson

      Im with you. Talking while surfing the web has become something i do all the time but never even noticed until recently. I also think since there are going to be more options for iPhone users then ATT will go out of their way to compete. Well…that is really a hope of mine.

    • +1

      Could SPRINT use their NEXTEL network since it is/was GSM to compete with AT&T’s Talk & Internet function?

      I am on AT&T now, still in contract, and love… LOVE the Talk & Internet at the same time. Originally when I saw the TV commercials for that I thougt “how stupid”, but then I got the iPhone4 and have become ADDICTED to this functionality.

      For Instance, I tether my iPhone4, then I also Text and also Talk all at the same time!!!! How can life get any better???

      In fact, I was tethering a Dell which was streaming music, I also had my iPad 2 teathered and I was surfing the internet, and I got a call from a friend, and I was talking… all through my single iPhone4…. Can you say WOW!!!!!

      So, that would be really difficult to leave AT&T over SPRINT, especially if SPRINT only uses their CDMA.

      – Eric

      • eKsiSLe

        Nextel’s network was iDEN not GSM.

      • @eKsiSLe

        Thanks for the correction on NEXTEL, I knew GSM didn’t seem right, I just remember using a SIM card – it was so long ago since I had NEXTEL.

        – Eric

  • David

    I wish the iPhone could go to T-Mobile!

  • T-Mobile’s new unlimited data, talk and text for $99.98/mo Family Plan (2-lines) is good enough for me. And now that Apple sells factory unlocked iPhones… my only outstanding hope is that one of these new rumored iPhones is LTE-Enabled; otherwise, I’m stuck using EDGE for another couple years. ;(

    • Ryan

      T-Mobile is never going to be LTE.

      • Well, whatever T-Mobiles 4G network is then. Put THAT technology in the new iPhone and I’ll be happy. 😉

      • KAN

        RE: Adam, it’s HSPA+, right?

        [ps, is there any good reason why iDB comments can’t be three replies deep? lol]


      • Mark

        a reply in a reply in a reply, very inceptional lol

  • soccerkrzy

    We’ll see when AT&T starts throttling those on the unlimited data…I might make the switch.

  • anotherbrian

    Does sprint include tethering with the unlimited plan?

  • Tony

    If it was true unlimited without throttling above a certain limit, maybe. I haven’t searched around yet, but does Sprint carry any of the WP7 phones? I would switch to a WP7 phone if I could find one as good as an iphone, simply b/c I want xbox live on my phone :/

  • ic0edx

    You guys need to understand that if Sprint or T-Mobile gets the iPhone they will do the same exact thing that ATT and Verizon did, limit data and make the rates much higher.

  • ic0edx

    I know one thing, Verizon, T-MObile or Sprint will never bet ATT’s data plans and pricing and for you to have surf and talk on your iPhone. Verizon can’t even do that and they are charging you more then what ATT does.

  • Mcsteven

    Not just no but HELL no. Sprint is only in business cause of it’s government contracts. They’re a crappy network!

  • If anybody in the UK is looking at this and wanting unlimited data have a look at giffgaff at . I know this is about Sprint in the US, but hopefully this will be useful to somebody 🙂

  • when sprint get the iPhone they will follow suit with what everyone else is doing. Plus if your with ATT you can always grandfather your way back to unlimited. Also for you college students with ATT you can get your bill discounted. FYI

  • j.johnson

    seems like everyone is an experts. so many “facts” around the comment section.

    • Please teach the rest of these internet hooligans how to write and rearsech!

  • Scaredy Shroom

    Being able to use the iPhone overseas (in a lesser developed country especially) is priceless. Basically in countries like India, Bangladesh, Thailand etc, the iPhone is a major status symbol and people just stare at u when you take it out.

    Plus the fact that you can just use your iPhone overseas is a tremendous advantage of GSM networks.

    • The Game


  • Raul

    Im already on sprint!! I just really hope that we get the iphone!!!!! Please!!!!!!

  • Brian

    How do any of you know what kind of network Sprint has being that all of you have an IPhone. I for haven’t had any issues with Sprint service and I travel all over the country. However I have tons of colleagues who have iPhone’s from AT&T and struggle to get service.