It was only a matter of time. 19-year-old Nicholas Allegra, better known as infamous iOS hacker Comex, has announced that he has accepted a job with Apple in Cupertino.

Comex has been responsible for many famous jailbreaks, most notably his web based tool called JailbreakMe. He is a well respected member of the jailbreak community, and we wish him the best with his future endeavors at Apple.

Comex announced the news on his Twitter account moments ago, and he seems to be receiving mostly positive responses from his followers. Other famous jailbreak developers, like MuscleNerd, have congratulated him on his new job.

Apple has been known to hire talent from the jailbreak community, with the Cupertino company most recently hiring developer Peter Hajas — as we uncovered first — for his work on a system of notifications for iOS called MobileNotifier. Peter is assumedly now working on improving iOS notifications in Cupertino.

It’s a bittersweet thing for the jailbreak community to lose Comex. In one way, we’re happy that he’s been given such a wonderful opportunity to showcase his talents and further his career. On the other, we’re sad to see such an invaluable jailbreak hacker go.

We don’t know what Comex will be specifically working on at Apple, but we can only assume that he will be assigned to fixing security holes in iOS. It’s funny to think that he will help patch the vulnerabilities he exploited. Everything comes around, I guess.

We congratulate you on your success, Comex. Best of luck at Apple!

  • David

    Long live comex

  • Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Not Comex. No more JailbreakMe, it’s a very sad day.

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      comex was the second person to create a jailbreak on jailbreakme…first was geohot…who will be the third?

  • I just wished Comex the best… He deserves to have a better compensation…

  • babelo

    It is because the amount of donation, is’nt it?

    • tdfb


  • qK0ng

    Great, first Peter Hajas and now comex, pretty soon they’ll get saurik, then all hope is lost.

    • Isaac

      facebook got geohot first so apple can forget about him haha

    • Mark

      And also Cyanogen. By the way, Saurik is never joining Apple, he works at SaurikIT llc. and he hates Apple, he has shown that a lot in his posts on his website.

      • Money speaks brother!!!!

  • Jason Masters

    Comex is just going deep undercover he’s going to create the ultimate jailbreak by exposing all of apples exploits his new codename will be Number2 lookout for his new jailbreak called 0rangecrush you didn’t hear this from me lol.

  • Ibrahim Sait

    Comex the next CEO of APPLE.

  • Everyone’s leaving the dark side ?!?!?!?!?!? What the fuji. But really this is all good news though soon there might not be a need to jailbreak just hopefully all of the best will make it to Apple.

  • sk@tta

    I wonder if he put “Creator of” on his resume

    • Mark


    • OCD Steve Jobs

      that what geohot…geohot is the “father” of jailbreakme back in sept 2007.

  • Shannon

    Come back to the dark side, comex!

  • Francesco

    actually not the father of jailbreakMe , because when my brother used to hack his ipod Touch 1G he didnt it once with the safari based jailbreak tool and so hes actually no the father SMH

    • eKsiSLe

      Umm he is the creator of JailbreakMe so……. Yeah he is the father of any jailbreak named JailbreakMe. Including 1, 2, and 3! Before you shake your head and possibly lose more brain cells, pay attention.

      • Mark

        Actually, he only made JailbreakMe 2.0(Star) and JailbreakMe 3.0(Saffron). He didn’t make JailbreakMe 1.0

      • Francesco

        thanks Mark so i think eKsiSLe shouldnt read or his gonna lose some brain cells

      • OCD Steve Jobs

        geohot was the first to create jailbreakme back in sept of 2007…comex was only a 12 years old child

      • OCD Steve Jobs

        i corrected alex (the writer of this post) about this in previous blog posts he wrote. i dont know why he keeps making the same mistake over and over again

  • Francesco

    please new jailbreakers are gonna come its not like the world is gonna end because Comex went to apple watch i knw others are still gonna make jailbreaks in the near future

  • Isaac

    the sad thing is that he made the one and only ipad 2 jailbreak… i had one, but it was stolen from me last night. so i hope the iphone 5 wont take that long to come up so i dont have to buy an iphone 4 or a crappy android…. anyway, ipad 2 users will be sad to get ios 5 and with all the awesome features it has and dont have a hacker smart enough to make a jailbreak

    • Justin

      There are hackers smart enough to make a jailbreak. That isn’t the case. Comex was only 19, he didn’t have a job and lived with his parents, he had a lot more time on his hands to say the least. There are people just as smart as him out there that are off doing other things, like he is doing at Apple now. As for there being no other iPad 2 jailbreak, I assume that is the case because his was so good others didn’t really attempt to push another one out and the iOS 5 looming, could possibly be waiting for that to release another jailbreak.

    • Mark

      don’t worry, p0sixninja is developing his own ipad 2 jailbreak.

  • tdfb

    Wait till father steve hears this. But now its too late for hime to fire tim cook or comex

  • Jmarsh5

    Crazy. Cook’s been running it for a while.

  • Jacob61916

    They first get Peter and now comex. Soon nobody will be making jailbreaks and and the jailbreak community will be a myth in the near future. Apple will end jailbreaks soon. Good for comex.

  • person

    well at least we still have saurik…. he dosent jailbreak but still… hes most likely gonna take comex’s place as symbol of the jailbreak community

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      good point…want to stop jailbreaking hire saurik and who ever else comes along to create a store

  • Comex! The only reason u took that job was to cheat on apple and exploit anything in any iOS firmware available to make more jailbreaks than ever!!!!!!! If it wasn’t then u betraid us. How could you!