As of right now, the iPhone is only available on two major wireless carriers here in the United States. AT&T, which was originally the sole carrier of the iPhone, and now Verizon both offer the device.

Rumors have been circulating over the past several months suggesting that Apple will finally extend the iPhone to both T-Mobile and Sprint this Fall, but so far there has been no official announcement.

Now, The Wall Street Journal has decided to chime in on the matter, and is reporting that a Sprint-branded iPhone is a lock for this October…

WSJ editor Dennis Berman sounded the alarm from his Twitter account a few minutes ago. Apparently, the publication has concrete evidence that Sprint will be carrying a smartphone from Apple this Fall.

“Sprint Nextel Corp. will begin selling the iPhone 5 in mid-October, people familiar with the matter said, closing a huge hole in the No. 3 U.S. carrier’s lineup and giving Apple Inc. another channel for selling its popular phone.”

According to the report, the device won’t be available to Sprint customers until mid-October. And since the iPhone 5 has been slated to launch October 7th, it sounds like Sprint might be late to the party. But better late than never I always say.

The news isn’t that surprising, given the recent reports floating around that the iPhone 5 will support both GSM and CDMA networks. Why wouldn’t Apple want a shot at Sprint’s 50 million+ subscribers?

With Sprint getting Apple’s smartphone this Fall, you have to assume T-Mobile won’t be far behind. And with the addition of two major carrier partners in the U.S., expect Apple to do big things this holiday season.

Are you currently a Sprint customer? Would you switch to Sprint if it got the iPhone 5?

  • Raul

    I use to have Sprint and I loved them. Now with AT&T. If Sprint does get the iPhone, I would switch in a heartbeat. No dropped calls and better service overall.

    • lo

      I have wanted a Iphone from the begging but need my chirp and wanted them to get the bugs out if it chirps i’m with it

    • Kelly


    • Justin

      Only reason I dont have sprint is becuaee the iphone is the best phone I believe so once sprint gets it ill get a contract asap

  • Sprint??? Really!

    Just Great, now we have to watch more stupid “Dan Hess” commercials with him wearing a scarf…..

    Oh, and BTW, do you think Sprint will also block the Internet that they call “unlimited” as they do with their Samsung phones???

    – Eric

    • Aubrey

      What are you taking about with the “unlimited” with samsung phones? Do your research buddy… I work for sprint and unless you have a “simple” phone, sprint is truly unlimited with data

      • I agree, I have the EVO and it is truly unlimited, no blocks

    • Kelly

      I have Sprint, and not a bit of internet has ever been blocked on any of my phones….

  • TT

    Sprint was by far the worst carrier I have ever been with. I can’t tell you how many times people say they tried to call me and couldnt get through. They also would blatantly lie to me.

    I’ve been with Sprint, Verizon, and now AT&T. For as much hate as AT&T gets, for me, I can honestly say that I have had the best wireless service from AT&T. Truth be told though, there is an AT&T antenna literally right next to my house.

    • Your mention of the antenna being close by (next door) reminded me of another reason I hated Sprint….

      I had a Sprint cellular antenna just a few blocks away from my home. But it was/is facing the wrong way (for some reason, this antenna didn’t have 360 degree coverage, and because of that, at my home, nobody could ever reach me, because it almost always went to voicemail.

      I couldn’t call out either, because of “no service”….

      Sprint’s solution – charge to $99 one time, plus and extra $15 Bucks monthly to install an internet “hotspot” that would use my existing broadband for my Sprint phone’s service!!! (which would slow down my internet access for my computer… duhhh!!!)

      WTF, such a lazy attitude!

      Sprint wanted to charge me to do their F*ing job!!! I told them to fix the tower that was just a few blocks away or go to “Hell”!!!!

      However, I went to “hell” and am now on AT&T which provides fine “dropped call” service that can NOT be equaled by any other carrier!

      – Eric

      P.S. I do live in the Silicon Valley – you would think I could get a little F*ing technology here of all places!!!! LOL

      • Ken

        I had Sprint for a year after I stopped working for them and I must say the free service was the only reason I stayed with them. I had to rent a signal booster for $5 monthly just to have coverage in my house otherwise I could not talk on my phone-simply pathetic. In addition, I paid an additional $10 per month for 4G which was is still not in the area where I live so I was not a happy camper. I paid the early term fee to leave Sprint because I could not take it any longer. I now have an iPhone
        with Verizon and could not be happier. Sprint absolutely sucks!!!

    • kate

      I have been with sprint since cel phones came around. If ever I had any issues whatsoever , they would give me more additional anytime minutes. I am VERY pleased with them. I travel all the time and don’t have any problems at all with dropped calls etc. I have many friends that use the other carriers and AT & T is by far the worst!

  • DomPerignon

    This is just GREAT news. I hope and wish Sprint get the iPhone 5. I’ll switch immediately!

  • Crush0685

    Sprint has great reception I had it for 6 yr but their prices are a bit high

    • Eli

      If Sprint is expensive, what do you think of the others? I hope that was sarcasm. Verizon and ATT are rapists and people should talk with their dollars.

    • Sprint prices are not high, i pay $81 per month for unlimited everything. phone/text/data and free navigation.

  • Alhenny

    Sprint service is horrible,
    “please hold while the sprint or nextel subscriber you are trying to reach is located”

  • Jason Masters

    This article is pure bs check your facts sprint isn’t getting the phone that was pure speculation and no evidence whatsoever. Does anyone do their homework anymore?
    If sprint gets the iPhone in October I’ll apologize to all the sprint fanboys however if they don’t then they can agree never to speak of the sprint iPhone ever.
    Steve jobs would never work with such a piss poor company.

    • amy

      He resigned… LOL

    • amy

      Jobs resigned… LOL

    • mnnycrz

      In response to your post ands with the upmost respect to you , I have to say that I was with Sprint for more than 10yrs, although I never had a reception or drop call problem with them they did on several occassions double bill me….For example I was paying close to $500.00 a month at times I really didn’t quetion it at frist so I would pay it since I was always gabbing on the…

      I started watching myself and the minutes I used just to see if it was my imagination being over active but after paying a really high bill in full my phone was disconnected within 2 weeks of paying my bill I called they argued saying that I went over again i paid another 500.00 needless to say it happened 4 times and 4 times customer service was very rude to me calling me a lyer and that my sevices will not be reconnected untill I paid the bill ….

      I had to contact a lawyer to help resolve my issue …long story short ….Sprint ended up paying me close to $1500.00 and provided me with free service for a year and ahalf …after that the very first IPone was released and I switched to AT&T and since then I have owned every gen of Ipone ever released to date and now waiting on the 5ht generation …However AT&T should upgrade thier towers and therefore providing better reception to all and fewer dropped calls …..

      No Offense try practicing what your prech and please do yourself a favor and do a little more research we all know what happens when we asume !!! If Sprint has really changed and customer service has improved I would consider going back but not before I have all the fact and my attourney at my side LOL…..

  • kuipo77

    I had at&t for the last 12 years on my personal cell n I have had about every other carrier trough my business phone ( yea I use to carry 2 phones with me. Lol) and I can tell you from personal experience that overall at&t has been the best carrier. now that I only carry my iPhone for both business and personal I don’t think I will switch to any other carrier unless one of them offers something better ( such as 1 year contracts n ability to upgrade to new phone within this 12mos period and oh yea… Unlimited data for life..) but yea I know I’m dreaming

    • tfranks

      I have been with Sprint for years. I have the family unlimited plan, and I never go over. Even with the premium data fees, att and Verizon would cost at least $$50 more a month. If they get the iPhone I will be first in line even though I have the EVO with a better camera.

  • Brandon

    Does sprint slow down Internet like T-Mobile does? I’m excited about sprint …

  • hello, sorry for posting irrelevant question here… but is Sprint only belongs to CDMA? i came frm a country which only support GSM but recently ive purchased a BB9930 from Sprint, US, i can detect my carrier thou, but there is an “activation required” notes in the home screen.. can anyone help me? couldnt think of a better place to ask since i come to this site a lot.

    • Jason Masters

      That might be a phone that has a sim slot in it usually they come unlocked for international use. Verizon has models like that like the blackberry storm.

      • yea they are unlockd, and there is a sim slot… its jst that the activation required thingy wouldnt gone

    • Aubrey

      There is a bb from sprint with gsm available and the motorola photon does too

  • Jason Masters

    Mmm I’ve never had that issue what country are you in?

  • Adam

    Will we see a push to talk app from sprint?

    • Chris

      It’s called Tikl but its not a walkie talkie…check it out in the Market

    • Aubrey

      There is a phone from sprint with plush to talk. Call sprint or talk to a sales rep in store and they will give you details

  • Judoa

    Well just curious, will they have the other iphones too? 3 or 4

  • Lauren

    if Sprint getting the iPhone means no more Sprint unlimited plan, then forget it

  • obrizzle

    All of you that are saying sprint is the worst carrier, dont know what you’re talking about. I’ve been with sprint since 2001, and i never complain about the service. I don’t get call drops or anything for that matter. And don’t tell me about coverage, because i get signal in the subway with my evo 4g or 3d. It might be a tad expensive, but you wouldn’t worry about someone using your phone if it were stolen or found. Digital baby, that’s the way to go.

  • odessa

    I love Sprint but hate it. I went throw 4 blackberrys 3 optimus and now on to the EVO the problems I have is dropped calls don’t think there ever going to do anything about it they keep saying its the phone and that’s a lie. I wonder if there going to the same thing for the iPhone. Cause I know they don’t get dropped calls like Sprint dose. But at the end of the say I love Sprint other then the dropped calls.

  • mary

    I don’t have Sprint I have version the best service ever. My friend has sprint she lives in the 518 Aww man do I hate her phone the chick drops calls right and left. Maybe bein that the iPhone is at&t I’m sure the dropped calls will stop.

  • Scott

    I was with Sprint for 8 years, pretty good service from a call point of view, but horrible customer service when you had to talk to someone. Now with ATT because I wanted an iphone, the call service is pretty good, getting better in my area, but the customer service has been exceptional, both when calling their serveice lines, or in the store. Any bill issues with ATT have been resolved immediately, where with Sprint it would take an act of congress to get it done. Hopefully Sprint has improved……

    • Jason Masters

      They haven’t the store by my house has the same assholes that have been working there for 7 years some of the laziest idiotic non helpful bastards I ever met. I would rather be on the never ending customer service loop than visit that store with those morons who have the same idiotic explanation from 7 years ago they are outdated and the people are like people from the DMV you just wish they would get fired yet they hire more assholes. It seems like being an asshole is a prerequisite to get hired by sprint. Also I don’t know if any of these so called sprint fanboys remember when sprint made an official announcement to the press and it’s customers that if you complained a lot about their service they had the right to terminate your contract and free you to go elsewhere they were essentially saying if we receive numerous complaints from you we will drop you and they did I’m surprised they even stayed in business after that assinine move!

  • Jordan

    I hope sprint gets the Iphone5!!! but will it still have insurance like any other sprint phone? because i have heard that iphones do not have insurance if it breaks or something.

  • Kayla

    All iphones have insurance. I am with Verizon now and it just depends what type of plan you go about. Verizon service is great if you love paying outrageous phone bills every month. I am switching soon and incase no one knew if you are with att and would like to switch to Verizon with your iphone 4 you can! I was worried about needing to go through the whole process when I end up switching here in the next month to att and I was told that they can because the iphone is international or something so if sprint does get it I will be switching. I love my iphone I will never go back to any other phone and personally I have not had one single problem with my iphone at all!

    • Jason Masters

      Perfect example of drunk commenting lol this guy is sloshed ha ha ha!

  • Let me clear this Sprint is getting the IPhone rumors.”NO” again “NO” Sprint is NOT getting the IPhone…

  • eva

    I have been a Sprint customer for 6 years….. I first started off with Nextel and I have been completely satisfied with my service. I have never got the run around with a situation at all…… i really hope sprint gets the iphone5!!!!!

  • Carlos Sanchez

    Sprint has changed it’s strategies and is currently working to provide better service to it’s customers. Providing a quality 4G network and improving it’s existing towers to extend coverage. With it’s truly unlimited plan, that’s what you get. No extra cost or throttling after 2 GB. On Sprint’s Now Network, we can be All. Together. Now.

  • camye

    I have sprint now I’m so hopin that they get the iphone I’ve always wanted one

  • John

    Sprint “IS” getting the iPhone 5 in October… To clear things up

    • Jason Masters

      What’s the proof though? A blog or an article? Or some ones rumor or anecdote ? Until it’s called by apple it’s still up in the air.

  • Linda E

    I am very happy with Sprint. Been with it for years. The few areas of my city that used to get dropped calls no longer do. Fanastic help at several stores when my husband or I can’t figure it out. Experience with Customer Service has been flawless. Don’t know whether I will get iPhone 5. Like Blackberry but would like bigger screen. Waiting for Ipad3 so I can give hubbie Ipad2.

  • jordan

    I would absolutely switch to the iPhone even though i like my EVO I like the iPhone better

  • Tony

    I keep hearing all these raves about ATT, My sister has ATT IPhone, and I have Sprints EVO, and guess who’s phone NEVER works inside of the house?? Hers!! haha ;p Point is that no servive is perfect they all drop calls, but I wouldn’t trade my sprint bill for her ATT bill EVER!! I have been with Sprint for 8 years, and I can probably count my dropped calls and the times I have ever had an issue with them or Customer Service.

  • Mark

    Hell yeah AT&T is joke I like the unlimited plans sprit offers AT&T only cares about making money and not their customers, sprit on the makes money and keep their customers happy.

  • Kate
    • Yes but at the time this article was written, it wasn’t official.