This morning I stumbled upon a tweet from Josh Tucker of ModMyi indicating that Swype has been ported to iOS. I’ve confirmed it works on all iOS devices, including the iPad 2.

Needless to say, this exciting news piqued my interest immediately, and I just had to try it out for myself.

The purpose of Swype is to allow you to type without lifting your finger off the keyboard. Many claim that this makes the typing experience much better on a handheld device.

If you didn’t know, Swype is available on pretty much every other platform sans iOS, and it’s loved by its fans.

Note that you will of course need a jailbroken iPhone to try out Swype, and again it is in beta; so don’t expect it to work perfectly.

Check out my video walkthrough of the Swype beta in action…

As of now, Swype only works with stock iOS apps [Note: iDB Reader ryan notes that it works with biteSMS, so this may not be entirely true. I tested it, and indeed it does work with biteSMS], such as Messages and Mail. One other caveat to note is that there is no blue line that follows your “Swypes” as you type, so it may take a bit getting used to.

Another thing I noticed is that the stock iOS keyboard isn’t exactly the best keyboard for a Swype implementation. As you’ll see in the video, I received those keyboard pop-ups while hovering over a key for too long (the hovering is due to my ineptness with Swype. Experts likely won’t have this problem, it got better with practice.). That can interrupt the Swype process, and cause you to type something that you didn’t aim to type.

Other than those small gripes, it’s a pretty good implementation for a beta. If you’re a Swype connoisseur, you definitely are going to want to check this out for yourself.

You can add the following repo to gain access to the Swype beta:

What do you think? Also, how could I forget? Big shoutout to @WyndWarrior for porting this. He’s the same guy behind DreamBoard, so he’s an excellent member of the jailbreak community.


  • ryan

    FINALLY!!! i love it and it works with bitesms now!

    • I didn’t test it with biteSMS. Great news to hear though.

  • Wow it works however it still needs some work doing as the auto correct isn’t even coming up it just puts what ever word it wants in if you spell it wrong

    But this is gonna be an awesome tweak when complete 🙂

    • Yeah, I should have practiced a bit before shooting that vid. I’m much better at Swyping now :). It’s actually pretty fast.

  • MALdito

    Wow, awesome! I’m looking forward to the final version!

  • Irha

    Is this an official port? The way the keys pop out and stay open to block other keys, made me cringe. This is like a “poor man’s implementation”. Thanks for the video, you saved the hassle to install and then uninstall.

    • It was more of me waiting too long to swype. If you’re a swype expert that shouldn’t be a problem to be honest… I’m saying that the more I use it.

  • It will be better if there was an option to turn it on and off, remove the fact that the keys pop up, include the blue line following your finger, and a better auto correct system. Pretty good for an initial offering, but there is definitely room for improvement with this app.

  • Sangha

    try typing ‘is’ using this

    • AnotherBrian

      I think it’s any letter that can be a word, ‘a’ also does it.

  • Eddie S

    its a nice start, but it definitely needs some improvement

  • Rob

    Can you type with 2 fingers?

    • Cristian

      Not in swype, yet

  • Lex Luger

    Wow, weird. I was messing with shape writer 2 days ago, telling myself how I wanna use swype. Finally, I can be on the bus and text while the fat people take all the seats 🙂

  • Pukka

    It’s a beta for a reason doesnt work the greatest. Would be cool if we could see the line aswell.

  • Excellent start! Thanks fro your contribution!

  • Carlos

    I think is sucks right now 🙁 i tried a lot but it misses most words… for instance I try to swipe “fail” and it corrects to “full”… I moved the finger over to the A key for some reason… Can’t type “this” also… and many words get wrong… I was hopping for swype but it needs a lot more work…

    Also… seems to only work with English. 🙁

  • Brad

    I almost got a chubby when I saw the post. Went to Cydia and got it right away. After trying it out in biteSMS, stock messages, notes and email, I found that it was crashing said apps out and wasn’t very functional. I tried uninstalling a couple things like black keyboard etc and same issues… Uninstalled Swype, chubby gone…

  • Val

    I added the repo but can’t find Swype when I do a search. How do I instlal this?

  • Does anyone know if this is likely to be coming to the AppStore any time soon?

    • Manuel

      Never I’m sure. Being real honest too. Best chance for this is through Cydia, although it was mention 1 year ago about bringing swype to iOS.

  • Massie

    What were you trying to type after “This?” If it was “testimonial,” you were spelling it wrong…or were you trying to test the spell checker maybe? Other question: will it work with choosing alternate characters from the popup menus? Thanks!

  • namey

    “Testominal”? Really? The “opportunity” here is to learn to spell when demoing a text-entry application.

    So is opportunity the new way to say “bugs”?

  • Frank

    Jeff thanks for finding this! You’re the best man

  • Evoss

    its not workin it craap

  • Tyler

    I have been trying it out and it has issues with a lot of words. I used swype on my old Incredible like a champ but can’t seem to get it on my iPhone. It’s still very buggy with basic words. If you go slow though it generally gets it right. I can’t wait for the final version though. It’s gonna be boss.

  • Tigg Glass

    Any chance that this will ever be available as a legit app via the App Store? I’d definitely pay $5-$10 for a final version. (but would probably sell in more volume for less…)

  • it’s impossible to have the word “is” and it’s quite buggy if you can’t have the word “is” stuff like “ids” and “its”, at least when going from i to s. What you have to do is go from i to c and x and then over quickly to s….which is kind of stupid.

  • Trackrabbit

    There is a beta 2 out there and has fixed many of the earlier issue(s).

    It’s still … quirky … at times but very much improved and definitely going in the right direction.

  • Brad

    I wish there was a sbs settings toggle for it, chubby restored!

  • K.C. Murphy

    The repository is gone?

  • Dave

    I get an account suspended error 🙁

  • K.C. Murphy

    I bet apple will never admit that its keyboard can in any way be improved upon (that’s why it’ll likely only ever be jailbroken). I wish we had the android feature of having the voice-to-text button everywhere a keyboard is, too…

  • K.C. Murphy

    anybody have a different way to get this swype util for a jb iphone?

    • Mayank

      add this :
      install i swipe..

  • Perhaps it would work better if you knew how to spell 🙁