In a surprising move, Peter Hajas has released his last version of the popular iOS notifications jailbreak replacement, MobileNotifier. We covered another blog post of Peter’s yesterday, in which he declared that he was leaving as the head of the development team for MobileNotifier.

Right after we reviewed Beta4, MobileNotifier Beta5 “Ecstatic Eggo” has now been released in Cydia. And Peter is calling Beta5 the most “revolutionary release since the project’s inception.

We speculated that Peter Hajas could have been hired by Apple to work on notifications in iOS. He even left an easter egg in his blog post that hinted at an allegiance with Apple.

Whether he has left MobileNotifier to join Apple or not, something interesting is definitely going on with Peter Hajas and MobileNotifier.

Here’s how Peter prefaced the MobileNotifier Beta5 release,

“After all the press surrounding my last post, I had to do something. Instead of confirm or deny anything, I decided to do something. Something big.

I’m presenting the final release of MobileNotifier that I’ll have a part in before my absence. MobileNotifier beta5,Ecstatic Eggo. This release is big in more ways than one. It’s the most revolutionary release since the project’s inception.”

So, what’s new in Beta5?

  • MobileReply. Reply to text messages while within other applications! It works like magic!
  • Full message text! Read everything in the alert, not just the first few words.
  • Redesigned minimalist alert display!
  • A brand new AlertDashboard!
  • Dismiss alerts right from the popup! Hate going into the dashboard to remove alerts you’ve just archived? Simply hit the “X” in the popup to dismiss them for good!
  • Recall the most recent alert easily with an Activator action. Then use MobileReply to reply to it!
  • Way way faster.

What’s been fixed?

  • Lockscreen no longer displays if you have it set to “off”
  • Various small bugfixes.
  • Did I mention way way faster?

If MobileNotifier wasn’t already good enough, it just got nearly perfect. The new design and usability improvements address almost all of the previous issues that hindered MobileNotifier from being the best notifications replacement for iOS.

Namely, in Beta5, you can now quick reply to incoming SMS messages without going into the Messages app (much like biteSMS). The process of deleting and working with multiple notifications has also been streamlined.

Here’s a video from Peter Hajas about MobileNotifier Beta5:

A huge thanks to Peter and the MobileNotifier development team for putting together another solid release of a very powerful notifications replacement. We don’t know for sure where Peter Hajas is going with his future endeavors, but we wish him the best.

You can download MobileNotifier Beta5 for free from Peter’s repo:

Let us know what you think of MobileNotifier Beta5. Has it become your notifications replacement in iOS? Do you still prefer other tweaks like Notified Pro or LockInfo?

  • It is indeed awesome. I hope he has been hired by Apple, MobileNotifier is almost infallible.

  • UnlosingRanger

    i still like the way bitesms shows me the picture of who is sending me a text…. NO PICTURE, NO IOS UPDATE! D:<

  • mplsboywonder

    MobileNotifier is just so unbelievably clean, and styled like apple would do it. Still wish you could read entire mess. from lockscreen like LockInfo. But the trade off is that it doesn’t rape your battery and look ridiculous like Lockinfo.

    Currently have it set so “double press home” shows dashboard. “from bottom up” gesture shows last notification. We can only hope that Peter is working with Apple cause we all would be more than happy to have a derivative of this for the iPhone 5.

  • BLiNK

    nope. still do not like it

  • c0edx

    My Facebook or Mail Notifications are not showing up. Only Phone and text. Help please.

  • XxL3THALxX

    Does this conflict with biteSMS?

  • ME again

    How’s the work at Apple? 🙂

  • Hey guys, is anyone have any problems getting this amazing tweak to work? Am running 4.3.3, but for some reason the tweak isn’t working at all. Oh yeah am on an iPhone 3GS. Thanks so much!!!

    • patjosek

      Neither does it work on my iPhone 4 4.1 🙁

      • Essence

        Do you have bitesms? It only worked after I deleted bitesms. Don’t know if it’s worth losing it though. I love bitesms!!

  • Iconic

    Would not go back to native SMS and lose bitesms for this…sorry…love the avatars too much

    • megatr0n

      same here. biteSMS is too awesome. not worth leaving for this- it’s a cool tweak tho..

  • S_GonzaLes

    Its not working by me either, i’m on a 4.3.2 iphone 4, the previous build was working fine.

    • Ok I fixed it! BiteSms must be deleted before using Mobile Notifier Beta 5. Previous build worked fine with BiteSms. I don’t know about you guys, but BiteSms is a must have on my iPhone.

      • megatr0n

        yes, co-sign. biteSMS is a MUST HAVE-

      • mplsboywonder

        I don’t believe you have to delete BiteSMS to get it working. I would think is all you have to do is open BiteSMS, click on the settings icon upper right hand corner, then change lockscreen mode, etc, to “Show apple alert”. Then theoretically the native BiteSMS Quick Reply will not show, but the original apple alert will show, thus letting MobileNotifier pick it up.

        That was just off the cuff…..I will test later:)

      • Dave

        mplsboywonder, You sir, are a genious! I know have biteSMS showing up in MobileNotifier, with quickreply etc. working!

      • G Funk

        The only reason I don’t use BiteSMS is that it conflicts with my iCallAnnounce app where the text messages get announced to me.

  • Simon

    Personally, I preferred the black color scheme for the popup at the top of the screen in beta4, it looked much more clean and modern.

    Although the ability to see full messages by tapping on the notifications is nice, I’d like to see the preview as well as an option.

    Just my 2 cents

    • QuarterSwede

      I thought the black looked cleaner and more Apple like myself. Quick reply is definitely great especially since I find BiteSMS to be too buggy for daily use. Can’t click on links in messages though.

  • Beta 5 is now in the iDB Repo

    • Dae

      Wats the repo?

      • mplsboywonder

        It is stated in the article above.

      • Dae

        I know that already genius… i was just wondering what the iPhonedownloadblog repo was…smh

      • mplsboywonder

        Any fool that would ask the question, and wait for a reply rather than take 2 seconds to typo it in google, already has a questionable IQ. So I figured I was talking to a fool. Looks like I was right

  • Question .. About activator for mbnotifier .. Icant do noting . No icon no settiing app . All no . How to active it

    • mplsboywonder

      In activator choose your gesture, then scroll down to either “mobileNotifier (show Dashboard)”, or “MobileNotifier (Show most recent pending alert)”

  • Question .. About activator for mbnotifier .. Icant do noting . No icon no settiing app . All no . How to

  • Iconic

    Apple should be hiring the biteSMS guys more than anything to fix their garbage native SMS app…I would be embarrassed if was apple.
    How are you unable to link contact pics and provide a quick reply solution???

    • megatr0n


    • QuarterSwede

      BiteSMS is still buggy. It’s not that Apple is unable, it’s just that it’s not a priority or on their roadmap.

      • Carter

        BiteSMS has never been buggy for me.

    • mplsboywonder

      Totally agree!

  • Hari

    Don’t forget that this is an open source project, so the poject should continue without his involvement, as long as there are capable people contributing to it. The source is hosted at:

  • Usersean

    Is there a quick compose function that works with this..? I just can’t live without it… I may need to get bitesms back…

  • Mik3nology

    It Is Pretty Cool But The Main Preview Still Pops Ups…

  • akasha

    Just doesn’t seem to work. No mail alerts or anything

  • Ivan

    Is there a way I could upgrade from beta 4 and then downgrade if I don’t like or it doesn’t work?

    • Yes I agree with @Ivan I loved beta4, beta5 is ok but I think beta4 is better.
      1 HUGE flaw that iv found is that when you answer a text while in an app whith the QuickReply your still pushing buttons on the app behind it…that is super bad and if it’s not fixed with in a few days I’m not gonna use it. I dont want to buy something by accident.

      • Ivan

        And other thing is that you don’t see anything of the actual message, you only see the name of the app that received the notification. In beta 4 you could see the beginning of the message. I miss beta 4 big time.

  • DIno

    Tried to download Beta5, but it isn’t there when I search it. Can someone help?

  • Ins0mnihack

    It looks like a fairly elegant solution for those new to jailbreaking, but there’s no way I’m installing this at the cost of losing LockInfo, OpenNotifier and NotifiedPro. Those three apps when configured correctly provide a far more powerful and better looking solution to Apple’s broken notification system.

    Not to mention BiteSMS which is an awesome replacement to the native text message application.

    Plus with iOS5 just around the corner we all know there are going to be some radical changes to notifications so I’m just going to stick with what I have setup for now.

    • Usersean

      How exactly do you have these set up..? I’m interested in getting a better notification system. This is just too buggy, the updates are to far apart etc.

      • Ins0mnihack

        Start with NotifedPro + the free “Notified Grip plugin”. They are both easy to configure and make notifications look and behave beautifully. You can customise the appearance of them however you want and have a bar that you pull down (like android) to check previous notifications.

        Lots of videos on YouTube showing setup and demoing how it works. If you get stuck people at ModMyi will happily help you out (I go by by the name Ins0mniac there if you want to contact me directly – I don’t want to post my email here)

  • Raz

    I just updated to this beta and it’s not working. Running firmware 4.3.3

  • JoBerlin

    There might be some bugs in biteSMS but the overall experience rocks. I’m using biteSMS beta versions (5.3 beta 9 right now) and I never really had a problem with those. The repo is
    I guess I’ll stick to Notified Pro then. It’s not screwing up anything important.

  • bradyonly

    Remember, if you used popup blocker at all it’ll stop these as well. I couldn’t figure out why my messages weren’t showing up with this but were with GriP

  • XepptizZ

    I dont like it how the notifications on he lockscreen dont really have any functionality, cant go into quickreply or even simply open the app or dismiss them. It should be doable right from the lockscreen imo.

  • tonkatuph

    Peter Hajas looks like the clown from “IT”

  • brian mitchell

    This is a much better update than buggy beta 4.

    For those not happy with the lock screen, I use this as well as lockinfo.

  • Mikey Villavicencio

    is anyone else having trouble with ringtones like i am? after i installed this my ringtone will occasionally use that which i choose and usually use the default apple ringtone for texts. 🙁

  • Nicolaj

    Its kinda wierd, when using Quick reply function, it dosent mark the text as read, anyone have same problem?
    Using iPhone 3GS on iOS 4.3.3

  • It doesnt work on mine 🙁 ..why???