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The Cat and Mouse Game Between Apple and Jailbreakers is Only Just Beginning

Following the news that famed jailbreak hacker Comex was hired by Apple, many in the community called it the "beginning of the end" for jailbreakers. Apple is proving to be smarter than everyone thought. If you can't beat 'em, hire 'em, right?

With iOS 5 set for a public release this Fall, the cat and mouse game between Apple and jailbreakers is not over. It's only just beginning...

Apple Owes the Jailbreak Community an Apology

The relationship between Apple and the jailbreak community has always been an interesting one. Ever since the first, public iPhone jailbreak was displayed in 2007, Apple and jailbreakers have been fighting in a secret, underground war. Fast forward to 2011, and you can do a lot more with a jailbroken iPhone than just add custom ringtones.

On Monday, Apple unveiled iOS 5. Version 5 was called Apple's most "revolutionary" iOS release to date. Oddly enough, many features that have been in the jailbreak community for years are now present in iOS 5. In fact, Apple has borrowed (some would say stolen) ideas from jailbreak developers for years, and iOS 5 is the most current, blatant example.

Apple, you owe the jailbreak community an apology.

Leaked Screenshot of iOS 5 With New Notifications?

It's the eve of Apple's annual WWDC conference, and we knew that a "leak" was bound to get out sooner or later. Very rarely does an Apple event occur without some sort of unconfirmed tidbit that gets leaked the night before.

This time, it appears that TechCrunch may have got its hands on what looks to be a new system of notifications in iOS 5. You should be very skeptical of this picture, but it still makes for fun speculation...

Jailbreak Notifications Developer Now An Apple Employee

Peter Hajas, the lead developer of the popular jailbreak notifications replacement, MobileNotifier, is now an Apple "iOS Apps and Frameworks" employee. We originally speculated that Hajas was working for Apple when he announced that he was leaving as the head of the MobileNotifier development team, and it has now been confirmed that Apple has hired Peter Hajas to work on iOS.

iOS 5 will be unveiled at WWDC on Monday, and Apple could introduce a new system of push notifications. It's unlikely that any of Peter's work will be seen in iOS 5. He is most likely working on a future update to Apple's mobile software...

MobileNotifier Beta5 Released: SMS Quick Reply, Enhanced Dashboard, Bug Fixes

In a surprising move, Peter Hajas has released his last version of the popular iOS notifications jailbreak replacement, MobileNotifier. We covered another blog post of Peter's yesterday, in which he declared that he was leaving as the head of the development team for MobileNotifier.

Right after we reviewed Beta4, MobileNotifier Beta5 "Ecstatic Eggo" has now been released in Cydia. And Peter is calling Beta5 the most "revolutionary release since the project's inception."

Could the Developer of MobileNotifier Be Working with Apple on Push Notifications?

MobileNotifier and Peter Hajas got a lot of attention on iDB yesterday. I reviewed MobileNotifier, a popular jailbreak replacement for notifications in iOS, and then we speculated that MobileNotifier's developer, Peter Hajas, could have recently been hired by Apple and taken out of the jailbreak community to work on push notifications in an upcoming version of iOS.

This theory was propelled by a tip we received from who we assume to be an Apple employee at Cupertino. Our tipster told us that working on notification replacements for iOS, like MobileNotifier, was "bad timing for jailbreak developers" and that Apple was about to "take the jailbreak community by surprise."

Directly following that tip, Peter Hajas announced on his blog that he was "taking a break" from developing for MobileNotifier to pursue "other opportunities." Sound suspicious to you too?

MobileNotifier Beta4: iOS Notifications the Right Way

Notifications in iOS have always sucked. Let's be honest, whether you've grown to actually like and/or tolerate Apple's system for push notifications on the iPhone, you still have to look at other platforms like Android and Palm OS and scratch your head.

Apple got one thing right: making sure you see your notifications in iOS. The problem is that there is no method of queuing, collecting, or saving notifications. When something gets pushed from an app, you have to deal with it right away.

Luckily, we have the jailbreak community to thank for several wonderful alternatives to the stock system of notifications in iOS. My favorite is called MobileNotifier. Let's take a closer look...

Interview with Peter Hajas- MobileNotifer Beta4 and Widge

Peter Hajas is the genius behind a different take on the iOS push notification system called MobileNotifer. He's a prominent figure in the jailbreak community with a wonderful, open-source philosophy on software.

In a recent interview with Joshua Tucker of ModMyi, Peter sat down and talked about some interesting developments. His amazing iOS notification replacement for jailbreakers, MobileNotifer, is entering its fourth beta with some awesome new features. Peter also talked about a very interesting new jailbreak project called "Widge."

Check out the full, 15 minute interview after the break...