Talk of a cheaper, perhaps contract-free ‘iPhone Nano‘ has been circulating for several months now. With WWDC on the near horizon, and an iPhone announcement expected this fall, there’s plenty of speculation surrounding Apple’s next gen iPhone.

Will Apple release the typical, evolutionary upgrade to the current iPhone 4? Or will things get changed up with two new iPhone models released at once?

9to5Mac got sent this mockup of an iPhone Nano. As you can tell, the concept shows an iPhone that’s much smaller than the current iPhone 4 with a tighter, rectangular design.

Whatever Apple chooses to do with the next iPhone, I hope there isn’t only one model available that looks like this. The smaller, brisk-ish look is kinda cute, but it doesn’t appeal to the “power user” like myself by any means. I could see how my grandma would like it, though.

What do you think? Will we see an iPhone Nano this year from Apple? How do you like the above mockup?

  • kokhean

    Looks like an iPad mini to me o_o
    Other than the camera and voice receiver, it seriously looks like an iPad mini (with iPhone 4 sides, of course).

  • DebTym

    I’ll sell my iPhone 4 for that and save the reamining money for the iPhone 5!!! That’s so cute!!!! AWESOME! I hope that’s true!!!!

  • This thing is U G L Y. Looks like the iPhone’s chubby litthle brother, doesn’t it? I’m sure Apple has better ideas for an iPhone Nano.

    • DebTym

      ,May be a Dual Screen iPhone

      • MALdito

        I agree, this thing is very unappealing 🙁

  • Kel

    Rumors of an iPhone nano have been circulating for years and with all the “concrete proof” that has surfaced, each year passes with this not coming to fruition.

    This year will be the same. I really wish this idea would die.

  • Robson

    Have u guys heard of the IDONTCARE!
    who would buy this as oppose to an actual iPhone… If it’s true I hope it fails on the market

  • Dave

    I would buy it for my wife who is not a power user

  • Yeah lol… It looks like a chubby iPhone.

  • david

    looks like that fat kid from Cleavland show

  • Karl

    Simply put – foul.

  • Wirehedd

    Looks like an Apple version of the new Veer. Might be great for teenage girls or kids but not much else.

  • Hello

    Why would Apple send a mockup to 9to5Mac? And if it was just the picture, it kind of looks photoshopped.

  • Your Mom

    This is really ugly. I hope it doesn’t look like this if it ever does come out.