If you’ve got a remote control car, helicopter or airplane, listen up. The iPhly allows you to ditch the bulky and expensive R/C equipment for something more portable, like your iPhone.

We’ve seen remote control accessories before, but they only work with accompanying vehicles. iPhly actually has the ability to control anything from airplanes to RC cars that you already own. How does it work?

The iPhly connects to your iPhone via the accessory port. The device uses a pre existing frequency module, or you can purchase one along with the product. The developer notes that iPhly is compatible with thousands of different R/C models.

The accompanying iPhone app allows you to control your R/C vehicle with touch screen and motion controls. You can even save remote control settings and take pictures of each one of your R/C vehicles to identify each profile.

The product is a direct result of a recently funded Kickstarter project and the inventor must still be fulfilling pre-orders, as the item is currently listed as out of stock.

It amazes me what people are able to come up with. I’ve always wanted an R/C car or airplane to dink around with, and something like this would certainly make the hobby easier to pick up.

What do you think of iPhly?

  • This is pretty neat, getting closer.
    But I think the coolest would be to have a standalone unit that syncs up to the iPhone via for example bluetooth or Wifi, then uses the iPhone like they do now in this version to control the R/C.
    Why a standalone you say?
    Well, will this fit both 3GS, 4, iPod Touch, iPad, and future iPhones/iPod touch?
    Imagine this a bit further and also add circuits for a video-link and you got an awesome combo if using an iPad.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    Wonder if it’s compatible with the RC-XD for Black Ops. Prolly not.