I’ve always wanted a way to listen to my music from the iPod app while I play games on my iPhone. Until multitasking came to iOS, that was just a pipe dream. Yet, even after Apple introduced┬ámultitasking, I still didn’t really have the ability.

Many iOS games have their own soundtrack and completely turn off your iPod music. Luckily, the folks over at FSM have provided an easy tutorial for a work-around that will allow you to rock your own music while gaming on your iDevice…

This trick will allow you to bypass the app’s audio and let you jam out to your own tunes. All you need is your Apple headphones, or any other set of headphones with a compatible remote.

Step 1: Open the app or game you wish you play, and then plug in your headphones.

Step 2: Double press the home button to activate multitasking and swipe to the left.

Step 3: While the play button appears to be disabled, the remote in the headphones is not. Simply press play on the remote and return to the app.

If you want to listen through your iDevice’s speaker, just unplug your headphones after you have pressed play on the remote.

I only tested this with the stock Apple earbuds, and couldn’t get it to work every time. It was still pretty cool playing Real Racing 2 on my iPhone while listening to my own music.

Did this trick work for you? What kind of headphones?

  • Koppis

    I have “iPod play/pause” when holding the up volume button set in Activator. Works flawlessly ;D

  • Angelo

    I tought this was no new trick so i dont shared it with anybody. ­čśÇ

  • refdfjfhe

    Can’t you just turn off the game’s music?

  • Phosphorus

    You could buy an iPod nano 6th gen for this exact scenario. Perfect.

  • Found this out on my own while trying to get my music to run in the background with Street Fighter IV. I locked my iPod, and turned on the music using my Apple Earphones. An hour or so later, when I turned the game back on, Voila! My music was playing in the background! ^_^

  • Guys, by the way, this also works when you want to listen to youtube videos when your NOT inside te youtube app! Just play a video, close the youtube app, plug in your original earbuds en press play on the remote. Yaay, it works!

    • shahny2810

      You dont need headphones to do that either. Just press play on the video, close out the app, lock the screen, double tap the home button from the lock screen and press the play button and youre all set!

  • Is there any way to play the audio from video files while you use other apps? This used to be built-in functionality on the iOs but they removed it at 4.3. Workarounds would be appreciated.

  • Eric

    IPod has run in the background since ios 2.0. And if you go into a games settings and turn off the sound iPod plays fine. Overthinking this one guys.

    • Yes but the functionality to play the audio on video files while using applications was removed with 4.3, so would be good if there was a workaround to deal with this.

  • Joel Filipe

    Does this only work with apple original headphones?

  • EvilYveltal EX

    I only have the regular Ear Buds that Apple gives you, and I really want to play some Music while playing Five Nights at Freddy’s. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

  • Joel Brown

    Tried the above for iOS 8.4 with JBL earbuds, worked great. But discovered a shorter way. Just have your music playing then open your gaming app. Your music will shut off but you only need to hit the remote button once and the games audio will shut off and your music will play. No multitasking screen needed.

  • Melanie Morris

    Thanks dude :3

  • Gracie

    Ugh thank you so so much. I’m on the newest version of IOS on a 6s and it works and im so happy that i can listen to Michael Jackson while playing Minecraft Story Mode hahaha!! I’m using Apple headphones as well. Much thanks to you