How to Override In-App Audio and Listen to Your own Music

I’ve always wanted a way to listen to my music from the iPod app while I play games on my iPhone. Until multitasking came to iOS, that was just a pipe dream. Yet, even after Apple introduced multitasking, I still didn’t really have the ability.

Many iOS games have their own soundtrack and completely turn off your iPod music. Luckily, the folks over at FSM have provided an easy tutorial for a work-around that will allow you to rock your own music while gaming on your iDevice…

This trick will allow you to bypass the app’s audio and let you jam out to your own tunes. All you need is your Apple headphones, or any other set of headphones with a compatible remote.

Step 1: Open the app or game you wish you play, and then plug in your headphones.

Step 2: Double press the home button to activate multitasking and swipe to the left.

Step 3: While the play button appears to be disabled, the remote in the headphones is not. Simply press play on the remote and return to the app.

If you want to listen through your iDevice’s speaker, just unplug your headphones after you have pressed play on the remote.

I only tested this with the stock Apple earbuds, and couldn’t get it to work every time. It was still pretty cool playing Real Racing 2 on my iPhone while listening to my own music.

Did this trick work for you? What kind of headphones?