If the story sounds familiar, that’s because it is. You want to be able to use your iPhone while synching with iTunes, so what do you do?

You jailbreak your iPhone, and install one of two tweaks: Synchronicity or FreeSync. Both tweaks do a good job at allowing you chug away at your iPhonely duties while syncing with iTunes, and both are similarly priced.

With that in mind, which jailbreak tweak should you go with? We’ve already covered Synchronicity — a tweak that made it into our Top 10 Jailbreak Apps for 2010 list so lets look at the flipside of the coin with FreeSync…

While I for one admire the set-it-and-forget-it nature of Synchronicity, I have to give props where props are due. FreeSync is a much deeper tweak if you’re looking for something a bit more fleshed out.

It includes various notification options, and the ability to enable and disable the tweak right from the Settings.app. Synchronicity features no settings section, so it’s either installed and working, or not.

One thing that I like in particular about FreeSync is the ability to disable potential database damaging apps altogether.

For instance, with Synchronicity if you open the iPod app, the tweak will recognize it and your sync will come to an abrupt halt. With FreeSync, you can simply disable those apps during the sync outright, so there’s no chance of complications.

Either way, both tweaks do a very good job at freeing up your iPhone during syncing time. Synchronicity fits the bill in most circumstances, but power users will definitely want to take a look at FreeSync.

FreeSync is a jailbreak tweak available for jailbroken iPhones and can be purchased for $1.00 via Cydia.

Which solution do you prefer?

  • OrangeSn0w

    I actually know the guy that made this one so what choice do i have :/

  • Andre

    Does this works on 4.2?

    • Jeff


  • QuarterSwede

    I love the irony of the name and it’s price.

    • Selcuk

      Exactly. You’d actually think FreeSync is free lol, the irony.

  • Dave

    I am not a real tech guy but would there be any chance of write on flash drive problem doing both itune sync and working on iphone. I know iphone flash is slower than our SSD drive.

  • DomPerignon

    I rather wait for a few SECONDS, while the sync is going on, and then use the phone.

    • Jeff

      You must never sync a lot of data at once. Sometimes sync can take 15-20 minutes.

  • Noisebag

    i always used syncronicity without any problems or errors.
    But this one looks more intresting because of the adjustments you can make in settings app, im defenitly gonna try this one since xsellize also offers it for like the name says “FREE”

  • Dan

    I love how people own a $200-$500 iPhone and complain about $1 😛

    FreeSync is really awesome. Having the settings is a necessary level of feeling like you’re “in control”. Per the Cydia page, it does work really well with Wi-Fi Sync by Greg Hughes. I set up Wi-Fi Sync to use backgrounder, and now my phone is syncing wirelessly while I play my Words with Friends 😉

    • Thomas

      Some of these people recieved their iDevices as a present or gift. I’ve been givin’ a free iPod Touch 4G for Christmas. Less than a dollar.

  • Almostfamous84

    Honestly… I download everything cracked to try it before I buy it. Only reason is you can’t return apps if they don’t work or suck. The difference is if I like it I will uninstall the cracked version and purchase it. Only reason really is for support. Plus you are right most of these apps are 2 bucks. I spend 6 bucks for a beer at a bar when I could spend at Albertsons for a 6 pack! We waste money everyday… at least buying the app will encourage the developers to do more amazing work and support their work.