If the fact that AT&T revamping its text messaging plans and that they recently slapped Verizon in the face isn’t an indication that the war for the iPhone between USA’s 2 biggest carriers is on, then maybe this piece of news will make you think otherwise.

In a not-so-surprising move, AT&T announced today via a press release that they will be offering 2GB of data transfer for free to any of their tethering customers. Up until now, the $20/month tethering plan from AT&T didn’t include any additional data, meaning that you were basically tapping into your data plan allocation to cover your tethering needs…

Needless to say that this move is a straight shot at Verizon who will start offering the iPhone next week, and who already has a very similar tethering offer. If like many you don’t want to pay these ridiculous fees for tethering, MyWi is still your best bet.

On top of that, AT&T will start offering a Mobile Hostpost option to its customers. From what I understand from the press release, this will only be available for the HTC Inspire 4G at first, but I assume it will come to the iPhone rapidly as, once again, Verizon will be offering such a service to its iPhone customers.

In short, this is good news for consumers. It’s amazing how a little bit of competition can fuel aggressive marketing strategies. We’re all about it.

Bring on the war!

  • Derrick

    it’s the least they can do. 4 gigs isn’t a lot but 2 was a joke

    I’ll keep mywi of course

  • nutsjob

    I personally don’t pay for tether thanks to cydia, I don’t use miwi cuz I personally don’t share my tether to other ppl unless I’m on my MacBook with others and on a MacBook I can share my Internet from USB or Bluetooth to others nd create a wifi spot at the same time… I do hope cydia will come out with a tweak to enable the hotspot feature for free unless the existing tweak works for it as well 🙂 if so I can finally share my 3G to my iPad 🙂

    Ps: miwi drains my battery 🙁 and it sucks to turn it on nd off. I enable my tether via activator toggle. Nice and easy 🙂

  • James Oh

    Hi it doesnt matter 1gb or 4gb. I am from s’pore, here we get 12gb free with contracts. But the problem is not about how many gb you get for free its if the telco can support the usage. Now here its like almost everyone is on data plan.But its very slow n the reception is very poor. so what if we have 12gb for free.

  • I have having to pay for tethering, $20 is crazy.

  • Iconic

    Exclusive rights blows…this is what consumers need…market fairness and competition…apple should be flogged for being selfish bastards 5 years ago in their AT&T money grab

  • Ken

    If you use MyWi can AT&T possibly charge you for tethering?

  • Ya this is why people root there phone so they don’t have to do with those crazy fees.