For some reason my iPhone has been going nuts lately. It seems that anytime I reboot it, turn airplane mode on/off, or simply change location by driving a few miles, I lose my 3G data connection.

The most obvious symptom is when I launch Safari, which tells me it cannot open the page and displays this error message: Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the Internet. A similar message shows up if I try to check emails for example. The issue only appears when I’m on 3G.

I’ve had this problem for a few weeks now and needless to say it’s pretty annoying. Fortunately, there is a simple fix for it…

The fix is pretty obvious and I’ve known about it for a while, but for some reason I didn’t think about applying it.

To stop this, simply go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Your iPhone will reboot and you should now be able to connect to the Internet via 3G.

I’m not really sure what’s causing the problem but I guess UltraSn0w is part responsible for it. It seems this issue first came up when I started traveling internationally with my iPhone 4 and using local carriers. I have no proof that could back up my guess though.

If you have a similar issue, I hope this quick and simple fix will do the trick for you.

  • SoCoMagNuM


    does this reset wifi configurations also? like the stored passwords to WEP protected spots? or is it strictly cellular data settings?

    • Jid

      If you’re afraid of losing your passwords, install a Cydia app called WiFiPass, that app will show all your saved passwords so you can copy them and add later πŸ™‚

      • SoCoMagNuM

        well as of now im at stock iOS 4.2.1 cause i recently swopped out my old iphone 4 at apple store for a new one. had issues with my phone locking up in cold weather when its on standby thus requiring me to do a hard reset everytime (pretty tedious being that its winter) but my new phone works perfect. my original iphone 4 i kept at iOS 4.0 cause i didnt feel the “need” to upgrade. had all my SHSH blobs from 4.0-4.2 saved. now with my new phone i dont have any cause well…there hasnt been an official untethered jailbreak for my iOS yet other than the betas. i dont carry my laptop around enough to be bound to tethered so as of now i dont have that option. waiting patiently for redsn0w or greenpois0n for the official untethered jb. then i can weigh my options.

        all in all i too get the occasional error message though i do have 3g coverage.

      • iPhoneBond

        Just reset network settings and open it in new safari window. It worked for me. Hurray πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Santhosh mandanna

      yes it will reset the wifi config, It will ask you for the wifi password when it detects the connection

  • msxy

    all your stored password are gone logic isn’t :p

  • Pam

    I have this problem on my iPhone 3G. I don’t use UltraSn0w, but used the last blackra1n for 4.0.1 (whatever that was anyway).

  • B0bbyBl@ck

    Same problem but wifi only. 3G works fine. Unplugged power from home router, then plugged back in. Now wifi works fine.

  • Thor

    Rare problem but it does come up now and then. No international. I4 4.1 Greenpoison no unlock.

  • Bradibiza

    If my battery goes dead I can have a right nightmare getting it to connect to carrier. Quit all apps and turn off wifi,3G and GPRS via settings not sbs. Resprung and reboot untill it works. Some days this can take numerous try’s. IPhone 4 on 4.0.1 and waiting for comex jailbreak patiently. Not long now peeps until the hardware hack will be out and nothing apple can do about it

  • appletiser

    mine is always wifi related, leave my home network and it always fails to connect to my business one and vice-versa, whether it’s mywi or what I don’t know but as I’ve wifipass installed I’ll give this tip a try. thanks πŸ™‚

  • Lowb

    Usually a switch to and from flight mode does it!! And its a bit shorter than rebooting the device πŸ˜‰

  • abanibi

    I only get it when I turn on data through sbsettings, Seems to take ages until i finally have internet connection this way.
    If I turn on data through I don’t get that problem.

  • mrmacc

    you can simply turn Off and ON airplane mode, and internet will work

    • Vik071

      Noticed the same thing since version 4.0. Toggling airplane mode does seem to fix both wifi and 3G. Pain in the ass though but since I’m jb on my iPhone 4 with 4.1, I cannot visit genius bar… Lol. Modified too many icons w/o using winterboard.

  • Michael

    pop out the sim and reinsert, that will always for for me, no reset required

  • ropelli

    I have had this problem, my iPhone 3gs is not jailbroken though. It was when I was on 4.0, now I’m on 4.1 and live in Finland.

  • EgoHot

    Only problem I’ve been having lately is Twitter for iPhone not working.

  • Turbo

    iPhone 4 greenpoison and unlocked on 4.0.2 I have been having this problem for long time. Have todo a hard reboot to fix it.

  • Tnt4ever

    I too have same problem on iphone 3gs.

    just enable data roaming. back to setting & then again turn it off. the offline error will be gone.


  • chico

    I had this same issue with the iPad so I suppose is a bug or something with the 4.2.1 JB

    • Santhosh mandanna

      i dont think its a bug, its something to do with network.

  • Even I had the same problem. I have found a simplest solution for this kind of issue. It works fine with me, i am sure it might be useful for u also.
    What I did was :
    Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network :
    Under the APN : TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET (which im using on my 3gs in India)
    Next under the user name and password it suppose to be blank according to Customer Care. But while trying i just entered username : a and Password : a . (means i didnt kept blank).
    It started workign flawlessly, later if i faced the same issue i use to modify username only to aa or aaa ….. simply different characters. then ..ZOOOOOMMM… working fine.

  • appletiser

    just a heads up, if you have wifipass installed dont assume you’re covered. learn from my mistake: run the app, write down/copy any passwords you have BEFORE doing a network reset.. i thought the app recorded passwords and stored them – it doesnt – as i’ve just discovered its password list is now empty. DOH!! πŸ™

  • Curzen (SA)

    I recently had the same problem where i get a notification “Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet” on the iphone 4, version 4.01. I resolved this problem by doing the following: SETTINGS>SAFARI>AUTOFILL(Chose Names & passwords) and SCROLL DOWN TO ACCEPT COOKIES (Chose always). Then open any webpage on safari and you internet should work without that message. Hope this helps, Thanks.

    • techchallenged

      I majorly need help. My iphone is 3gs, jail break. it connects to all the wifis and safari you tube, cydia etc do work except on the wifi that i have at home. The phone does connect to the wifi but safari and all say that they are not connected to the internet. i recently got all its settings done again. i have tried everything but nothing seems to help. after lot of research i did found out that when i go to my wifi connections settings it is not giving me the Router and DNS number. and i do not know how to fix that because i cant put in the numbers in the router space. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if somebody has a solution to it please help me out !!

      p.s: my brother has iphone 3G and he uses his phone on wifi and it works perfectly.

  • roji

    thanks, it worked for me…(also i have just disabled 3G only data is enabled)

  • axcy

    Thank you very nuch Sebastien. It works.

  • Kaze

    my iphone 3g still have the same problem. I’ve tried everything here but still, I cant connect to the internet. I’ve got a full wifi signal but it always show that “Safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the Internet.” When I try to connect my yahoo messenger it says, “The Internet connection appears to be offline.. Please try again.” Can somebody help me? It started when I tried to “RESET ALL SETTINGS”…

  • iandee

    I have a similar problem with my ipod touch.
    I have tried General>reset Network Settings making sure I had a note of my router pw.
    worked but time cinsuming
    Settiings switch airplane mode on then off – worked OK
    It seems to have only happened since the latest upgrade from apple.
    Is it possible to ‘ revertt’ to a previous version?

  • aj

    can anyone help me please?
    i cannot acces to internet using wifi, but with the cellular network i can. i hav tried reseting network setting and also the airplane on/off mode and reseting my router.

  • najhasakhthee

    dear all,
    – my iphone 4 previously used ios 4.2.1, jail broken. everything seems ok, internet theatering, surfing webpages via safari using 3g network or EGDE until last week it cannot access internet eventhough the 3g logo is there (beside my carrier). The safari prompt “safari cannot open the page because it is not connected to the internet” something like that. Sometimes the prompt message do not appear, and the safari application seems like connecting to the website (ie google), but in the end there’s nothing appear there. Same goes to sending/receiving MMS..also failed.
    – If the problem is about the carrier, other phone dont face problem like me..
    – already reset the network (setting -> general -> reset -> reset network..) also cannot solve this problem..
    – then the last thing i did was upgrade the IOS to 4.3.3, also it wouldn’t solve the prob..currently i am using this ios, and not jailbroken yet..PLS I AM A FRIEND FROM MALAYSIA NEED HELP ON THIS πŸ™

  • pmg4lktan

    Thanks Sebastien, worked for me too! Hooray! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    -pmg4lktan [Malaysia]

  • This is useful, you fixed my problem thank you.

  • This sounds about right, as I ended up with the same problem after travelling overseas.

    Thanks for the help.

  • That took care of the problem for me.


  • Anonymous

    Hi my i phone 4 says cannot open page Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding ….pls help ..modem firmware is 04.12.01

  • Anonymous

    Hi Sebastien, Thanks. It works.

  • Santhosh mandanna

    it worked for me but, i really want to know what is the cause for this issue so that we can avoid getting this kind of errors Thanks a lot

    Reason might be due to the network interruption, because i got this error when the network in the device went down and there was no signal for sometime. Soon as i got the signal i tried using safari it came up with this error.

  • didnt work

  • Maz

    didn’t work, thanks anyway

  • I am using iphone 3gs, ios5.1.1… my safari works on wap APN but it doesn’t work on internet APN. The same happens with whatsapp and the problem is vis versa so i have to always change my APN

  • still no effect for me.

  • still dont have effect for me…

  • I have problem with internet when i connect to internet my iphone always says cannot open page Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding!!i can’t Edit cellular data beacuse i lost it!!! I try to reset Network Sitting and it still dosen’t work !!!!How can i do?????????”?

  • sami

    hi my iphone 3GS says cannot open page safari is not connected to internet

  • Had the same problem. I deleted all cookies, deleted browsing history etc and tried again. The phone connected to the net so I presume the cache was full? I don’t know why that should stop me connecting to the net but it worked for me. Good luck.

  • qtpie

    I had the same problem after upgrading to IOS 6.0.1.
    Resetting the network via Settings>General>Reset>ResetNetworkSettings did the trick. Thanks!

  • Charito endaya

    Y my safari cannot open. I cnnot go in . All the ghings also my username and password cannot access. It so terrible

  • assom

    i face these problem with iphone 5 when i open my account in facebook , this message is appear

    “the page you request can not be displayed right now . it may temporarily unavailable ,the link you clicked on may be broken or expired , or you may not have permissions to view this page “

  • mav

    Doesn’t work for my iPad… i tried resetting my wifi home network, it works after that, seem to be some ip address issue

  • thanks!! this worked great

  • farha


  • Doug

    WOW, that worked for my 5c phone! All of a sudden I couldn’t get online with email or safari with wireless or cellular. This went on for a day & rebooting the modem didn’t work … This fixed it fast! All my bookmarks & and email accounts are still the same also. Do it and let it restart. GOOD TO GO!

  • Renee Burchell-Mueller

    The factory reset DID NOT help this problem for me. I had to manually put in a different DNS server.

    First go to settings. Then wifi. Then find the little blue”i” in a blue circle. Click on that ( At this point I always take a pic of the screen in case I make an error and want to change it back)

    Now, look for DNS. CLICK ON IT. Then enter this number for DNS: Then hit the back button and you are set to go!!!!!!


    Guys!!! If your on iPhone or iPad i just fixed the problem for me now i feel stupid. Go to settings then cellular and scroll down to check to make sure you didnt flick the switch by accident turning off internet for safari. At least thats what I did. Goodluck!


    Guys!!! If your on iPhone or iPad i just fixed the problem for me now i feel stupid. Go to settings then cellular and scroll down to check to make sure you didnt flick the switch by accident turning off internet for safari. At least thats what I did. Goodluck!