A mere 8 days prior to Camera+ making its way back to the App Store after many months of banishment, a similar app up to the same old trick has made its way into the iPhone’s ecosystem.

Surely the developers of Quick Snap have to know by now that using physical volume buttons for anything but volume can earn their app a lengthy timeout, but seeing as this is such a brash move in light of the recent events, we’re going to have to side with the developer and claim ignorance…

Besides the ban-worthy features, Quick Snap does feature a number of other interesting things such as time delay…hmm, yeah… Come for the volume button shutter, stay for the time delay. At least Camera+ was a decent app in itself when it tried to play slick with Apple.

On second thought, I take back that ignorance claim; this looks like nothing more than a quick cash-in for those desperate for a physical way to shoot photos.

If you refuse to jailbreak and use a great tweak like SnapTap, and you’re absolutely desperate for a physical shutter button, then give Quick Snap a try. But act fast, at $1.99 on the App Store, it won’t last.

No, seriously. When word gets back to Steve, it’s not gonna last.


  • Cheeky

    Just to let you know, I’ve already emailed Steve about this and we’ve had a lengthy discussion and further action will be taken, thanks.

    • FtheDev1l’sDevelopments

      lol this guy …. n e way they should really make this standard issue i do agree with u on that as well as the cydie tweak photoalbums+

  • Possibly because SnapTap doesn’t work? Neither does FastSnap.

    At least, they don’t work on a JB 3GS running 4.2.1.

    See, this is why I’m glad there are pirated repos. I just saved a couple of bucks by not having to buy non-functional JB apps off Cydia.

    • Thomas

      Agreed! I’ve downloaded tons of pirated JB apps like iconoclasm just for them to not work.

  • Z

    Vanished off of the face of AppStore, even though the search suggestion is still there. Installous most prolly has it by now though. And so I really don’t see the point of that. I hope the developer made shit loads lol

  • I have downloaded some tunes but i am not sure about SnapTap anyways i agree with you. 😀

  • jonny 5

    with the way those reviews looked on the app from the picture, i’d pass on this lol. They is an app in cydia fast snap which does this volume feature.

    and Steve already knows about this app, so you didn’t need to email him



    • appletiser

      Lol yea id noticed the star rating on the screen grab too…no thanks, besides iv got more camera apps than i know what to do with already 🙂