The iPhone has significantly improved in nearly every facet since its initial release. The camera’s improved, the interface has gotten better, organization has been stepped up. Really, I could go on for the next half an hour, it’s just that much of a refined experience.

But you know what they say, the biggest room is the room for improvement! Hence, we’ve compiled a list of 5 features that could ultimately make the iPhone a much more user friendly and functional device…

5. A quick list of previously downloaded apps

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve completely forgotten about an app I purchased in the past. Sure, I can go into iTunes on my Mac, login to my account, pull up a cumbersome list, and finally access my purchase history, page by page. Bleh! Slow, painful, and overall annoying. Why not just have a section in the App Store that has a quick and comprehensive list of all of your previous purchases? That way you can quickly go back and re-download anything you may have purchased in the past.

4. A real list of the latest App Store goods

The “New” section on the App Store is a tad misleading. Sure, those apps have been recently released, but what about the hundreds of other apps that are release in-between the section’s weekly updates? There’s really no way you can see exactly what’s been released unless you do a search and happen to know precisely what you’re looking for. Developers and consumers deserve better.

3. iBooks PDF annotation

I understand that Apple may not want a feature like annotation competing with its iBooks store purchases, but hear me out. When PDF users are forced to adopt one of several third party apps strictly to handle their annotation needs, it diverts attention away from iBooks.

If anything, I think implementing this feature directly in iBooks would boost the popularity of the homegrown app, which would simultaneously increase the visibility of the iBooks store. Brilliant! In the end, PDF users are going to find a solution that works for them, whether it’s with iBooks or not; so, why not go ahead a capitalize on some added visibility?

2. Unobtrusive Push Notifications

How many times have you been peacefully in the middle of watching a movie, playing a game, sending a text, or virtually anything else, when: BLAM!  A push notification alerts you that beshrewed is the word of the day, that Jane farmed 100 gold, or that local police have found that missing puppy they’ve been looking for since last week.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for these types of optional notifications, if they weren’t so incredibly obtrusive.  Push notifications shouldn’t hinder your progress at all.  They should work in a way where it’s easy to know that you got an alert, without putting the breaks on whatever you were currently doing.

1. Facial recognition replaces iTunes password

Isn’t it a pain to always have to enter your password whenever you want to purchase an app from the App Store or music from iTunes? I know I’m sick and tired of it. With this optional feature, all it would take is a quick flash of your mug, and voila, purchase completed! And since every iDevice from here on out will most likely come standard with a forward facing camera, it’s quite the feasible idea.

What would you add?

What do you think? Which of these features tops your list? Did we miss anything important? Sound off and let us know.

  • Joeyjojo3012

    Bluetooth file transfer! U can buy a shitty phone for 10 quid and it has this function. You can buy iPhone for 100’s and it does not. I’m lead to believe apple don’t want to pay for Bluetooth liscencing but I don’t understand why! Even just for the photos I would be happy.

    • Jeff

      That is a good one good. But I guess Apple figures most people aren’t technical enough to want that. I’d use it, you’d use it, but would most iPhone users?

      • Ghr

        Well number 1 isn’t a good idea at all. All someone needs is a picture of me.

    • Lyric

      Yess!!! They definitely need this one.

    • Z

      Now that was a top priority hit! @Joe iPhone would be 5 times better if it had a REGULAR Bluetooth. Why did I say regular? Because it’s in every other phone BUT the iPhone.
      And yes, each iPhone user has encountered having a problem with Bluetooth, so each one would be happy.

      • Burge

        No Bluetooth because you can email pics .. Apple see Bluetooth as dead technology for sending stuff over the air.. And what else could you send … Music that you paid for and you could send it for free to someone else, Apple won’t have that

  • Ty

    Delete individual calls, toggle network setting- oh you have jailbreak to do that. I am counting down the days!

    • Jeff

      Right, I think Apple just watches what innovations are popular with the JB community, and picks and chooses from those. Of course, a good lot of the “new” features they’ve added over the years have been features that us JB’ers have been enjoying for quite some time. Interesting how that works. I’m not sure if they secretly like it or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they did.

      • Z

        It’s not a secret apple has been doing that

  • Lyric

    Another great feature would be similar to BiTEsms quick reply. I hate having to exit an app to reply to the message. I feel if I can read it, why can’t I respond.

    Would be even better if facebook and twitter were integrated. A quick reply or status update. NICE.

  • Gilbert

    How about 64GB of storage

  • Steve

    Some simple additions are needed first like custom text (and other) alerts, increasing ringtone volume, new keyboards with bigger keys, Traditional phone keyboard + T9, prioritisation order of WiFi connections, more control of Bluetooth and other audio outs (eg Phone calls by bluetooth but streaming to speaker etc).

    The basics which are available on most other devices need sorting before any more bells & whistles are added.

  • c0ntr0l

    Something like sb settings it would be nice to have widgets like on the mac

  • c0ntr0l

    And also a que to the app store so you can download more than one app at a time like cydia

    • Cojendo

      +1 to this. I’ve thought about this many times.

  • Burge

    How about a choice of colour…say WHITE…. that would go down well I think….

  • Weebsurfer

    My list of demands to not jailbreak when it becomes available:
    SMS Quick Reply
    Custom SMS ringtones
    Quick toggles for Bluetooth, wifi, etc
    Untethered sync
    And more fart apps.

  • Martin

    Fm radio of course! I hate not being able to listen to radio whole i’m on the go

  • Cojendo

    Sbsettings style and bite SMS are the two musts for me. Push notifications need a total overhaul also. The camera is nice but needs improvement. Also, there should be camera features integrated in the camera app already.

  • Martin

    Removable back cover to acess micro sd card and battery

    • Jeff

      That would inevitably lead to a thicker iPhone. You willing to deal with added thickness for this?

  • Amine

    I thing THE application to add would be the possibility to introduce Widgets on the apps screens AND on the Lock Screen. I Find it realy painful to open my calendar application each time I want to know what’s next. Oh wait, it already exists with jailbreak.

  • AndyOx

    Prioritisation of wifi, proper Bluetooth stack, dealing with iCal format for calendar invites and being able to send calendar invites via email.

  • akasha

    Hey apple ….how about an auto resend for the crappy SMS service

    • Jeff

      Definitely not a bad suggestion. I hate when I think a message has sent, only to check back later to uncover a red exclamation point staring back at me. Ugh.

  • James

    My number one is a feature that about every cell phone for the last 8 years has had. Missed call and message reminders. Always had it via a jailbreak, but really, 4 years in and they can’t add this stock? Pretty basic feature.

  • SoCoMagNuM

    as far as push notifications popping up while working, how about having a lil ticketer at the bottom that scrolls the message instead. or maybe be able to prioritize them by what apps you thing are worthy of the flat out stop what your doing and look at me notification. like jeff said we know we have the options to turn off notifications but its annoying when your in the middle of doing something like texting or watching a video and it cuts right into what your doing and could possibly lose train of thought.

    i just wish they add a stock app similar to bitesms like someone mentioned earlier, SBSettings type utility bar that toggles everyday use. on my sbssettings i constant turn on/off data, push, email, location and wifi on the fly cause when im working or out and about not using those features and not able to charge it saves my battery dramatically plus it also cuts down on the recharge time drastically.

    i can delete recent calls on a cheap $5.95 prepaid phone but this revolutionary handheld device cant? really? i have the jb app to do that but really i shouldnt.

    let apps like qTweeter exist. i know theres an app similar to this on app store but its still an app. you have to access it then launch it. qTweeter opens up soon as you slide finger and can type tweet/status instantly.

    also let apps like activator exist. i know thats wishful thinking being that it can turn into a buggy situation but i like having the option.

    ima stop for now cause i though i’d be a few but its turning into a blog lol

    • Jeff

      Good synopsis. I think given enough time Apple will finally implement our suggestions, but they will definitely take their time making sure it is perfected. Apple generally isn’t a company who rushes things out the door (besides the new Apple TV, hehe).

  • Currently I really love my iOS 4.x but for some reason Apple Need make it better on iPod such as display lyrics with time frame such as on TuneWiki so it’s will be perfect for Karaoke

  • Chen chee jiang jonathan james

    Buy 1 iphone and another android

  • Chen chee jiang jonathan james

    It is cheap

  • Android has a native browser that when pinched to zoom, it automatically wraps the text. Safari just zooms which makes it pretty useless for reading. I would have thought Apple could have done better than that.

  • Peter

    Hey Apple,
    It would be very nice to ad a Bluetooth-Support for the rSAP-Standard.
    So i Cold Theos my old NOKIA away and use the famous iPhone in my Volkswagen instead.

  • Rush

    fm radio

  • The one thing I miss the most from having my iPhone jailbroken… Sound Profiles. AutoSilent to be precise. Once setup, I never had to adjust the sound settings and Notification to adjust my iPhone for bedtime. AutoSilent would simply make all the necessary adjustments at the appropriate time and in the morning, would set all back to normal.

    As stated in the article, just about every feature phone in the world has some way to adjust the phone quickly and easily to a different sound profile. Why Apple doesn’t have this feature is a true mystery!

  • Burge

    Lock rotation

  • Chan


    When pressed the download button on AppStore on the phone it’s pretty annoying that it quits the app and go to the downloading app. I don’t wanna see it until it get downloaded. So retain my place and just download the app behind.

    Is it too much to ask Apple?

  • Andy Kal

    How about search button on the Safari? Just like (Ctrl+F) if you want to search for a specific word on a web page. “Opera mini” browser has it on the iPhone.

    • That’s actually been implemented in iOS 4.2. You’ll get your wish shortly…