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Apple says it’s investigating multi-user support for the iPad

Ever since Apple unveiled the original iPad, consumers have been clamoring for multiple user support. Such a feature would allow users to setup individual profiles with custom wallpapers, preferences, and other settings.

The jailbreak community has tried to fill this void with tweaks like iUsers. But without iTunes support, among other issues, they've failed to make much of an impact. Luckily, it appears that Apple is working on the issue...

One Change that Would Make Cydia Better

For those of you running a tethered jailbreak, how many times have you installed a package while away from home only to find out a reboot is required? All of a sudden you're left with a device with zero functionality that just drains the battery until you get home.

While we wait for Cydia to get some great new features that may bring transparency and uniformity, here's a simple idea that would solve this annoyance...

What iPhone iOS 4.2 Feature Are You Looking Forward to the Most?

The folks over at TiPB have posted a nice and handy walk-through guide for iOS 4.2 features for iPhone, detailing all the new features expected in the latest iOS rollout, due this month (maybe as early as this week?)

While it's not a major overhaul, there are several features iOS 4.2 is bringing that enhance the user experience - especially for iPad users. So which 4.2 features are you looking forward to getting the most on your iPhone?

How Good the Mac App Store Could Be

Now that Apple has announced a desktop version of the App Store, there is much speculation on what we are actually getting. There are already quite a few OS X software marketplaces out there, though none are as polished as the iPhone's App Store.

If Apple is smart, they will likely add the Mac App Store as a way to run universal apps and release an iOS runtime platform for the desktop. Just think about it for a minute.

There isn't much unification between doing tasks on an iPhone and a Mac simultaneously, save for the apps that sync with their desktop counterparts. Here are some predictions I have about benefits of supporting universal apps on Macs.

Two WebOS 2.0 Features that I Want for iOS 4

HP has just announced some new features for their 2.0 release of the recently acquired WebOS.  Some of them just seem to be playing catch-up with iOS 4.

There's also the infamous claim of "true multitasking."  We'll see.  But there's two features that I think would be awesome on the iPhone and I would love to see appear in Cydia (soon please!)...

5 iPhone Features That Apple Needs to Make Happen

The iPhone has significantly improved in nearly every facet since its initial release. The camera’s improved, the interface has gotten better, organization has been stepped up. Really, I could go on for the next half an hour, it’s just that much of a refined experience.

But you know what they say, the biggest room is the room for improvement! Hence, we’ve compiled a list of 5 features that could ultimately make the iPhone a much more user friendly and functional device...