How to enable Dark Mode and other user interface themes in Wikipedia for iPhone

Many developers are seeing sense in adding dark themes to their warez. Not only do darkened interfaces look stunning, they also help conserve power on iPhones that utilize OLED technology. Having previously explained using black themes in desktop and mobile apps like iMazing, Bear,, Mail, YouTube, Apollo and others, this step-by-step tutorial will now teach you to turn on Wikipedia Dark Mode on iPhone and iPad.

Explore the world of Wikipedia in revamped iOS app with 3D Touch, Explore feed and more

Wikipedia, the world's encyclopedia and knowledge base, has never had an attractive mobile app. That changes today with a major refresh to its app in the App Store permitting users to explore Wikipedia content tailored to their interests via an all-new Explore feed.

Navigations has been greatly simplified with new touch-friendly ways to discover content, 3D Touch support, Spotlight Search integration and more.

The app was obviously designed with the theme of exploration in mind.

“We all know Wikipedia as a quick fact-checking resource, but the new app is designed to make exploring knowledge on Wikipedia a journey,” developers told me via email.

Wikipedia reboots its official iOS app: native, speedy, mobile editing and loads more

I've never been a fan of Wikipedia's iOS app because it's basically such a piece of you-know-what. Available since August 2009, the software's never managed to win me over.

Put simply, it's always felt to me like a hastily written web app, because that's essentially what it is. But not anymore. Say 'hello' to the much-improved Wikipedia Mobile 4.0, now available as a truly native app for the iPhone and iPad.

Yup, no longer is Wikipedia on iOS a second-class citizen that wraps a basic web browser inside some iOS code!

The Wikipedia foundation has built the new version from the ground up for speed and it shows - everything is a lot snappier. There's a super-convenient table of contents sidebar but more importantly, now you can edit Wikipedia in the palm of your hand.

Moreover, Wikipedia Mobile makes it easy to switch to reading Wikipedia written in another language and the app is now available in more languages than before.

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iOS 7.0.3 brings back web and Wikipedia search from Spotlight

A feature that could have easily gone unnoticed with yesterday's release of iOS 7.0.3 is the return of web and Wikipedia search directly from Spotlight. The feature had been missing since the first beta release of Apple's latest mobile operating system.

To access it, simply pull your Home screen down to reveal Spotlight Search. Then start typing whatever you're looking for. If necessary, scroll all the way down. In my experience, I've found that some common searches usually return tons of emails first, making the feature a little less convenient to use than I would want to...

WeeSearch Pro: Search Google and Create Custom Search Queries Right From Notification Center

When we used the basic version of WeeSearch, we came a way a little less than impressed. While the pro version of WeeSearch isn't perfect, it's a lot better than its predecessor.

With WeeSearch Pro you can search a variety of built-in search engines. If that doesn't suit your fancy, you can even add your own custom search queries.

The great thing about WeeSearch Pro is that you can do all of this without ever leaving the comfortable confines of iOS 5's Notification Center...

WeeSearch: Search Google, YouTube, And Wikipedia From Notification Center

WeeSearch is a recently released Notification Center jailbreak widget for iOS 5, which allows for YouTube, Google, and Wikipedia searches right from the convenience of Notification Center.

It's free, and it works to a certain extent, but it's obvious that the widget was rushed in its development. It's missing a few fundamental features, and not everything works as expected.

Check inside for a full rundown on what's good and bad about WeeSearch...