Wikipedia’s mobile app picks up iOS 11 compatibility & Smart Invert support

Wikipedia has updated its iPhone and iPad app in App Store with full iOS 11 compatibility and support for the latest iPhone and iPad devices.

More importantly, the software now honors iOS 11’s cool new Smart Invert mode.

Aside from Smart Invert support and iOS 11 compatibility, this Wikipedia updated also includes simpler sharing options and improved “share-a-fact” shareable cards.

I use the app all the time so I’m glad it finally supports Smart Invert.

The closest thing to a full-on Dark Mode in iOS, Smart Invert reverses the colors of the display, except for images, media and some apps that already use dark color styles. While iOS does its best to determine assets that it shouldn’t color-invert, it’s not perfect.

TIP: Mimic Dark Mode-like functionality with iOS 11’s new Smart Invert feature

Thankfully, Apple provides a way for developers to mark assets in their apps that Smart Invert shouldn’t invert and several major apps have already taken advantage of that capability.

For instance, Twitter and Twitterrific both play nice with iOS 11’s Smart Invert.

Wikipedia is available at no charge from App Store.