WeeSearch: Search Google, YouTube, And Wikipedia From Notification Center

WeeSearch is a recently released Notification Center jailbreak widget for iOS 5, which allows for YouTube, Google, and Wikipedia searches right from the convenience of Notification Center.

It’s free, and it works to a certain extent, but it’s obvious that the widget was rushed in its development. It’s missing a few fundamental features, and not everything works as expected.

Check inside for a full rundown on what’s good and bad about WeeSearch…


While YouTube and Google searches performed okay for the most part, I had some trouble getting Wikipedia search to work at all.

Also, there’s no way to simply clear out a previous search term; you actually have to delete your searches using the keyboard’s delete key.

Lastly, you can’t search if you have a space in your search term. For instance, “SteveJobs” works fine, but try to search for “Steve Jobs” and you get nothing. This can be worked around by using a simple “%20” where the space would normally reside, but no one’s going to want to do that in the heat of the moment.

If all of that wasn’t enough, it doesn’t appear that the tweak’s touted “slim” mode works either, as you saw from the video.

In the end, WeeSearch is a jailbreak widget that has tons of potential, but suffers greatly due to its many flaws and oversights. Even though it’s free, I recommending waiting a while for it to be updated, before giving it a go.

Have you tried it out yet? What did you think?