CoolStar to release open-source Chimera13 jailbreak in memory of @s0uthwes

Chimera Banner Image.

Just over two weeks ago, Electra Team lead developer CoolStar announced that the Chimera13 jailbreak wouldn’t be released to the general public. But due to some rather unfortunate circumstances that transpired this past week, that mindset appears to be changing.

From what we can gather, @s0uthwes a respected and talented developer of the jailbreak community and a maintainer of the popular TSSChecker and futurerestore utilities, has passed away. He was fighting incurable aggressive leukemia, and unfortunately, succumbed to the ailment.

Hacker Jake James gets time_waste tfp0 exploit working on iOS 12

Matrix code hacked iPhone.

It was only yesterday that talented hacker and iOS exploit tinkerer Jake James released time_waste, a reworked version of Brandon Azad’s oob_timestamp tfp0 exploit. Time_waste solves many of the memory leak issues that were present in the oob_timestamp exploit, and given the apparent enhancements, it’s not difficult to see why Pwn20wnd switched to using James’ exploit for the unc0ver jailbreak instead.

But while the aforementioned advantages are obvious, that didn’t stop James from taking things a step further. Just this afternoon, James announced via Twitter that he had managed to get the time_waste tfp0 exploit working on iOS 12; moreover, it even seems to play nicely with A8X-equipped devices:

Upcoming unc0ver update will support iOS 13.0-13.3 on A8X-A11 devices

Ever since the unc0ver jailbreak picked up support for iOS 13.0-13.3 with Brandon Azad’s oob_timestamp exploit (and more recently, Jake James’ time_waste exploit), this support has been limited to A12(X)-A13 devices. Pwn20wnd was rather noncommittal with regards to adding support for A8-A11 devices since they’re already supported by the bootrom exploit-based checkra1n jailbreak, but that could now be on the verge of changing.

According to Tweets shared just this morning by Pwn20wnd, it seems that support for A8X-A11 devices on iOS 13.0-13.3 is very near to becoming a reality:

Jake James rewrites oob_timestamp exploit as Pwn20wnd plans integration with unc0ver

Those who’ve been keeping close tabs on the jailbreak community as of late should be keenly aware of Brandon Azad’s oob_timestamp exploit, which made iOS 13.0-13.3 support for A12(X)-A13 devices via the unc0ver jailbreak possible. As wonderful as it is, the oob_timestamp exploit isn’t without its shortcomings, such as memory leaks.

Given the aforementioned circumstances, a series of Tweets shared early this morning by renowned hacker Jake James may be considered great news for the jailbreak community: