How to change speed of a video in iMovie on Mac and iOS

Change video speed in iMovie

When you’re making that movie magic on your Mac, iPad, or iPhone in iMovie, you may want to add some special effects like a picture-in-picture or freeze frame. Things like this can make parts of your videos stand out and memorable.

Along with these effects, speed in your movies can play a part. You might want to speed up a specific part of your movie to make it funny or slow it down to add some drama.

In iMovie, you can change the speed of your video on Mac and iOS easily, and we show you how.

Video: iPhone 7 running circles around Note 7 in terms of switching apps

Apple makes the fastest smartphone chips on the planet and the iPhone 7's in-house designed A10 Fusion chip has given top Android handset makers who buy off-the-shelf processors plenty to worry about. Tight interplay between Apple-designed silicon, operating system, apps and services gives the iPhone a distinct advantage over competitors when it comes to smooth app switching and multitasking.

A non-scientific video put together by YouTuber PhoneBuff, which compares app loading and switching times on the iPhone 7 and Samsung's latest Note 7, highlights the benefits of designing the hardware and software under one roof as Apple's new phone with half the Note 7's RAM runs circles around Samsung's exploding flagship in terms of loading and switching apps.