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About that Apple invite: let’s play Kremlinologist

With Apple's September 10 keynote now officially a go, die-hard fans and watchers alike are falling over each other as they scramble to unearth the subtlest of hints from the invite graphics in their never-ending quest of deciphering the meaning of life. For the most people, yours truly included, it's just naturally assuming those colorful dots set against the white background tip off colorized iPhones.

But isn't that kinda too obvious? Thanks to the folks who think differently and put much more thought into it than your average person, I can figure out such stuff that would have otherwise never crossed my mind. Take, for example, Twitter user i0livier who in a series of tweets reminded us that Apple used a similar design theme two years ago.

Bear with me for just a second...

Good deal: 25% off Smarter Stand for iPad

Folks in search of a fun new iPad accessory, or an early Father's Day/graduation present, should check out this sweet little deal going on over Stack Social. The deal site has the Smarter Stand clips for iPad on sale right now for under $15.

As you may recall, we mentioned the Smarter Stand in passing last fall when the Kickstarter project went viral and exceeded its funding goal by nearly $150,000. Backers were enamored with the product, and now you can be too, at a nice discount...

14-year-old discovers iPads can be dangerous to heart patients

As Apple has proven in its TV ads, you can use a number of words to describe its products. But I imagine it never thought that one of those words would be "dangerous." According to new research, though, that's exactly what the iPad is for certain heart patients.

A 14 year-old has discovered that the tiny magnets inside Apple's tablet, used for Smart Covers, can inadvertently shut off a heart patient's implanted defibrillator–a battery-powered electrical impulse generator— if near their chest for an extended period of time...

iPad mini Smart Cover unboxed

There's really not a lot to say here, because if you've ever used a Smart Cover before, you know exactly what to expect. With that said, there are, as we've previously noted, some changes with the way the hinge attaches to the iPad mini.

The magnets are now wrapped in polyurethane and micro-fiber, presumably to prevent the Smart Cover from scratching the mini's surface like full sized Smart Covers have been known to do. The all enclosed hinge also serves up a cleaner look when compared to its big brother.

What do you think? Have you ordered a Smart Cover to go with your iPad mini?

Apple posts iPad mini Smart Cover video to YouTube

During its iPad mini event today, Apple introduced a new accessory: the iPad mini Smart Cover. It's essentially the same thing as the larger version, except there's no more metal hinge.

Alongside the announcement, Apple also showed off a rather well done TV commercial starring the new Covers. And a few moments ago, they published the spot to YouTube...

Meet the $39 iPad mini Smart Cover

As you probably know by now, the iPad mini finally materialized this morning. Apple's SVP of Marketing Phil Schiller unveiled the long-rumored tablet at the company's San Jose media event.

Pre-orders begin this Friday, October 26th, and Wi-Fi models will start shipping on November 2nd. And if you're looking for a way to protect your $300 investment, Apple has you covered...

Smarter Stand makes your Smart Cover smarter

If you have an iPad, and a Smart Cover for that iPad, then that makes you the perfect candidate for the Smarter Stand. The tiny accessory, composed of 2 clips, promises to turn your Smart Cover into a full-featured iPad stand.

Wish your Smart Cover was more sturdy when propping up your iPad? Smarter Stand can help with that. Wish your Smart Cover offered a wider range of viewing angles? Smarter stand can help with that too. And here's how it works...

SmartKeyboard Concept Gives the iPhone a Physical Keyboard Based on the iPad’s Smart Cover

When Apple introduced the iPad 2, the Smart Cover also debuted as a new accessory for the device. Apple designed the iPad 2 with magnets that interface with the Smart Cover to wake the device from sleep when opened.

The iPhone's virtual keyboard is a fantastic replacement for a physical keyboard, but some consider the lack of physical buttons to be the iPhone's main downfall. A genius new concept takes the Smart Cover approach to offering a detachable physical keyboard for the iPhone...

iPhone Smart Cover Concept Video [Updated]

So I was messing around with Ryan Petrich's VoiceKeys tweak a while ago, and stumbled upon a revelation: The tweak's proximity sensor feature, coupled with my BookBook case makes for an almost iPad 2 imitating Smart Cover feature for the iPhone.

In a nutshell, I decided it would only be right to record the functionality that I inadvertently stumbled upon, with the hopes of coercing someone in the jailbreak community to take this project head on.

What we need, is jailbreak tweak that allows one to activate the proximity sensor anywhere, in any app, not just in the Phone app (or in this case, the Messages app). Check inside for a video demonstration of the iPhone Smart Cover concept in action, along with a call to arms to any jailbreak developer who wishes to take this project on...

iPad 2 Smart Cover Battery Pack Adds 4 Hours of Power

Filed firmly in the 'great idea, poorly implemented' category, this Smart Cover addition provides a battery backup and protective cover for iPad 2 owners.

For those living under a rock, or perhaps beneath one of the Android-powered monstrosities entering the market these days, a Smart Cover is Apple's magnetic iPad cover. Offering protection for the iPad's screen while supposedly cleaning it at the same time, the Smart Cover is something all iPad owners should own. It's great, but a battery pack would make it better...

AViiQ Smart Case For iPad 2 Review & Giveaway

Ladies and gents, we've got yet another cool giveaway for you all today, and this time it's an iPad 2 case that works in tandem with Apple's Smart Cover.

Yes, the Smart Case from AViiQ works along with your iPad 2's Smart Cover to provide maximum protection on the front and the back of your device.

Does the Smart Case fully live up to its billing? Check inside for the full video review, plus details on how you can snag this case for free...

Use Your iPad as a Fridge Magnet

I saw a similar photo online yesterday so I decided to try it to see if it actually worked... and it does! This all works thanks to the 21 magnets that are in the Smart Cover. I tried to pull a little bit on the iPad to make sure it was not going anywhere and you can really tell it's relatively safe. The magnets are strong enough that your iPad is not going to slide down. Likewise, the magnets that hold the Smart Cover to the iPad are pretty strong too.

Somewhat useless but fun to try.