Smarter Stand makes your Smart Cover smarter

If you have an iPad, and a Smart Cover for that iPad, then that makes you the perfect candidate for the Smarter Stand. The tiny accessory, composed of 2 clips, promises to turn your Smart Cover into a full-featured iPad stand.

Wish your Smart Cover was more sturdy when propping up your iPad? Smarter Stand can help with that. Wish your Smart Cover offered a wider range of viewing angles? Smarter stand can help with that too. And here’s how it works…

As you can see, the two tiny Smarter Stand clips make a big difference in the way you can use your Smart Cover. By isolating the folds in the Smart Cover’s binding, it allows you to use it in almost any position imaginable.

Unlike a lot of the Kickstarter projects we mention on iDB, Smarter Stand has already blown past its funding goal. At the time of this writing, it was sitting just under $150,000 — well over its original $10,000 target.

But if you’re interested, there’s still about three days left to score yourself one. A pledge of $12 will put your name on the Smarter Stand pre-order list, which isn’t too bad considering the accessory is expected to retail for $20.

A simple, inexpensive accessory that turns our Smart Covers into iPad stands that rival those in the $40 and $50 range? Sounds good to us.

What do you think of Smarter Stand?