iPad 2 Smart Cover Battery Pack Adds 4 Hours of Power

Filed firmly in the ‘great idea, poorly implemented’ category, this Smart Cover addition provides a battery backup and protective cover for iPad 2 owners.

For those living under a rock, or perhaps beneath one of the Android-powered monstrosities entering the market these days, a Smart Cover is Apple’s magnetic iPad cover. Offering protection for the iPad’s screen while supposedly cleaning it at the same time, the Smart Cover is something all iPad owners should own. It’s great, but a battery pack would make it better…

Now before you get the credit card out in eager anticipation of placing your order, keep reading. Yes, Brando is selling a battery pack which claims to provide an extra 4 hours of juice for your beloved iPad 2. And yes, it’s shape and size is perfect for attaching to your Smart Cover. The downside here, in case you haven’t noticed, is it’s a bit, well.. cheap.

Coming in at just $38, we’re not sure we’d be trusting this case/power pack to sufficiently protect the iPad. We can’t help but think someone like Belkin or Griffin will come up with a better solution at some point.

If you just can’t wait, and are feeling suitably brave, then head on over to Brando’s online store and place your order.

Just don’t come running to us if it blows anything up!

[Redmond Pie]