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Staples US web store starts selling Apple accessories

After test page ads for an Apple TV and other Apple gear appeared on Staples’ United States web store, and following hints Staples execs dropped which pointed to the retailer partnering with Apple on carrying various products in its Stateside locations, the new Apple-focused mini-store has gone live over at the Staples web store.

The company is offering a range of iPad, iPod, iPhone and Mac accessories and peripherals, including mice, keyboards, Apple’s Smart Covers, the $99 Apple TV set-top box, as well as Airport Express, Airport Extreme and Time Capsule wireless appliances…

Someone do this iPhone Smart Cover and take my money

Wish someone made this. Apple makes the Smart Cover for the full-size iPad and the iPad mini so why not for the iPhone 5? Designer Adrien Olczak, the brains behind this intriguing concept, rightfully points out that someone should “do this and take my money”. His idea is unlikely to become a reality in this form, even if it cries for Kickstarter.

Oh wait, an iPhone Smart Cover already exists!

Now, I don’t know about you but I really dislike screen protectors because they’re bad for multitouch performance more often than not. And as head-turning as designs of regular covers are, they’re tough to remove and hide the handset’s beautiful design, which is actually my main gripe with the sleeve industry in general…

A Smart Cover case for the iPad mini could cost $39

Apple could also offer some smart protection for its smaller iPad when it launches tomorrow, a new report alleges. As you’re aware, Apple is currently offering polyurethane and leather Smart Cover cases for the current 9.7-inch iPad 3 and iPad 2, priced at $39 for the polyurethane version. If you want leather, that’ll be a $30 extra. Per this new price list which surfaced this morning, Apple-branded covers for the iPad mini should also retail at $39. Part numbers also indicate a possible brand new iPad protection product…

Smarter Stand makes your Smart Cover smarter

If you have an iPad, and a Smart Cover for that iPad, then that makes you the perfect candidate for the Smarter Stand. The tiny accessory, composed of 2 clips, promises to turn your Smart Cover into a full-featured iPad stand.

Wish your Smart Cover was more sturdy when propping up your iPad? Smarter Stand can help with that. Wish your Smart Cover offered a wider range of viewing angles? Smarter stand can help with that too. And here’s how it works…

The Nexus 7 “Smart Cover” in action — how should Apple respond?

Today I received my Nexus 7 “Smart Cover”. Okay, it’s really just a bulky case, but it closely mimics the function of Apple’s innovative means of screen protection. I ordered it simply to compare it to Apple’s original version of the Smart Cover.

As you have probably heard, the Nexus 7 contains an unadvertised feature — magnets on the front right-side of the device, which very much imitate the iPad’s sleep/wake functionality.

Should Apple be upset with this unadvertised feature?

Even smarter Smart Cover could be in the works, patent hints

A much more capable Smart Cover could be in the works as a newly surfaced patent application indicates Apple’s been researching a next-generation iPad cover which combines a built-in keyboard with a flexible display itself driven by multitouch technology.

Coincidentally, a recent rumor asserted Apple was researching bendable displays and exploring ways to use flexible panels in mobile gadgets (Samsung’s already on it). As for the smarter Smart Cover, it could also incorporate solar panels for easy recharging under sunlight, in addition to inductive charging, smart pen input and even a battery engineered inside the case in a variety of ways…

Nexus 7 has secret ‘smart cover’ magnets Google never mentioned, now what?

Google’s seven-inch tablet Nexus 7 is starting to crop up at resellers ahead of a mid-July release (yes I want one, too), but the search giant might run into trouble with Apple’s lawyers over its embedded magnetic display shut-off feature. A developer posted a video yesterday that doesn’t bode well for Asus, the maker of the Google-branded device. As vividly shown in the video included below, the magnetic sensor sits down near the tablet’s lower left-hand side. Wanna hear the funny bit?

Apple’s new iPad ‘Smart Case’ available for purchase

If you’re smart, then you won’t use a Smart Cover alone to protect your new iPad. Instead, many people have opted for a polyurethane back cover to go along with their Smart Cover purchase. That’s because Smart Covers, despite their name, don’t protect the back of your device, making it susceptible to scratched ans dings.

Well it appears that Apple has heard the cries, as they’re now providing a new Smart Case, which is basically Apple’s own iteration of the solution mentioned above. Even better is the fact that the new Smart Case is now available for purchase on Apple’s online Store…

Guy says iPad Smart Cover violates his patent, sues Apple

A guy from Colorado apparently owns rights to a seven-year-old patent he claims resembles technologies and ideas Apple employed to create the Smart Cover case for the iPad.

Feeling confident enough, this dude filed a suit against the iPad maker in the United States District Court of Colorado, aiming to squeeze ongoing royalties out of Apple or a one-time payment of a cool hundred thousand bucks…

Some Smart Covers aren’t fully compatible with new iPad

When Apple unveiled its new tablet earlier this month, the consensus seemed to be that it would continue to work with all iPad 2 Smart Covers. After all, the new iPad’s frontside dimensions are identical to its predecessors.

But apparently that isn’t the case. As noted by iLounge, the new iPad uses a slightly different magnet system that causes some newer Smart Covers, and similar third party magnet-driven cases, not to work properly…

TidyTilt: A Smart Cover for the iPhone

Smart Covers are awesome! If you own an iPad 2 then you just absolutely, positively must own a Smart Cover. It’s a stand. It’s a cover. It’s smart. What’s not to like?

We’re not really sure why Apple hasn’t made a similar accessory for the iPhone, but there is a new Kickstarter project that’s proposing an iPhone-optimized Smart Cover with a unique twist.

In fact, the TidyTilt even has one or two tricks up its sleeve. Tricks that mean the project has already met its modest $10,000 goal, raising $47,000 to date.

iOS 5.0.1 Patches iPad 2 Smart Cover Security Flaw

A few weeks ago we told you about a security bug involving iOS 5 and Smart Covers. The folks over at 9to5Mac discovered that if you left your iPad 2 on the Power Screen, anyone with a Smart Cover could gain access to your tablet.

As serious as the issue was, we figured that a fix would come from Apple within a few days. But more than a week passed by without word. Then, yesterday, the Cupertino company released iOS 5.0.1 beta, and it contains a patch for the Smart Cover bug…