Skype Video Messages

YouTube experimenting with multi-angle video feature, try it out yourself

YouTube has begun experimenting with a cool new feature that lets you switch between different camera angles while the video is playing, TechCrunch reported Wednesday.

It couldn't be easier: a multi-angle video presents you with a series of thumbnails, each representing a dedicated video stream from a particular angle. Clicking on any thumbnail switches you to that camera instantly, during playback.

Skype iOS apps updated with free and unlimited Video Messages

Microsoft-owned Skype was testing a new Video Messages feature since mid-February, but it wasn't until mid-June that they opened video messaging to everyone.

Today, the software maker has finally updated Skype for iPhone and iPad with free and unlimited Video Messages, basically short videos Skype users can send to each other, even when offline.

Previously, you could only send 20 free messages up to three-minute long each before being prompted to sign up for a $4.99 premium Skype account...

Skype rolls out Video Messaging

Microsoft-owned Skype started testing out Video Messages in mid-February. The new feature is meant to let Skype users send short video snippets to each other up to three minutes long, even when offline. Now out of beta, Skype Video Messaging is available to everyone via a free update to Skype mobile and desktop apps across Windows, Mac, iOS, BlackBerry and Android platforms. Here's a closer look at Skype Video Messaging and how to use this new capability on your devices...

Skype testing short video messaging feature

Microsoft is launching a new Video Messages feature to allow Skype users to send short video snippets to each other up to three minutes long. The feature works in both online and offline mode and Microsoft has started testing it with some Skype users on the Mac, iOS and Android, according to multiple web reports. Surprisingly, Skype Video Messages won't be initially available on Windows, but Skype for Windows users will receive these messages with a link to view them online. More tidbits right below...