Get 35% off and free shipping on your iCarbons skins

If you've read iDownloadBlog for a while, then you probably already know how much I love iCarbons. After meeting with them in person at JailbreakCon last year, I realized these were just good people with great quality products and a great sense of customer satisfaction.

Never before meeting them and seeing their skins did I ever think about putting a vinyl sticker on top of my devices. The idea was quite repulsive to me, to be honest, but I quickly changed my mind, and to date, I believe that no less than 6 of my devices have been graced by their skins.

All this to say that the folks at iCarbons are having a Cyber Monday where everything is 35% off...

Toast redesigns its wooden iPad skins and add the iPad mini

I previously reviewed a Toast iPhone skin, which remained on my iPhone 4 until last week when I shipped it to my father. It had a long life and properly adhered to my iPhone the whole time. Now, Toast has added the iPad mini to their collection and mastered their technology by creating a skin that will cover a multi-curved corner. The new Toast skins will completely cover the back of your iPad 2, 3, 4, or mini in completely natural real wood veneers.

The combination of technology and natural wood grain is quite special. I do not fancy myself a lover of woods, but the elegance of nature immediately next to one of the most beautifully designed Apple products is truly a sight. Having used the iPad mini skin for a while, I was impressed with its grip, finish, and design...

id America brings creativity and style to your iPhone skins

iPhone skins have been around, well, since the iPhone and iPod touch were released years ago. Most of the skins are simple, clear, non reflective strips of plastic or sometimes glass. However, none of them offer a particularly stylized design, until now. id America released the Cushi Plus at CES and I spent some time with one over the past week. It is a padded and highly designed iPhone back skin that is a perfect case substitute, with a few hitches...

Toast’s wooden skins add life to your iPhone [review and giveaway]

Over my time blogging, I have only spotted a few wood or faux wood skins for iDevices, but have never had the opportunity to review one. Thanks to my new friends at Toast, I have been using their real bamboo iPhone skin for a little over a week and my completely custom skin is getting even better everyday I use it. With the iDownloadBlog logo darkly emblazoned on the pale wooden backdrop, my iPhone skin is the talk of the town...

MagSkin review and giveaway: keep your iPhone hanging in all the right places

Inspired by a cord covered kitchen counter, MagSkin's humble beginnings centered around a hobby project for friends. MagSkin's founder took a small sheet of adhesive magnet and applied it to the back of an iPhone. Following encouraging words from admirers, MagSkin headed to Kickstarter to find interested investors.

MagSkin successfully raised $2,000 more than necessary with 353 backers. Now, we can all enjoy slapping our iPhone on any magnetic surface and five lucky winners will be able to take one home for free...

Here is your chance to win an awesome skin for your iDevice

Up to a few months ago, you would have had to pay me to put a skin on my iPhone. I used to think that it looked tacky and cheap. There was no way I would ever want to put one of those stickers on my beloved iPhone or iPad. That's until I met the fine folks of iCarbons.

I quickly changed my mind when Rosa from iCarbons started connecting with me on Twitter. Because we are both JailbreakCon sponsors, we started talking more and more and she offered to send me a few free skins just so I can have a feel of what they look like and what they are.

The rest is history - read my review for full details. I got hooked immediately by the quality and look of their skins. I got hooked so badly that I currently have 2 iPhones, 2 iPads and my MacBook Air sporting iCarbons skins.

Because I want to make sure everyone of you gets a chance to enjoy an iCarbons skin, we've set up this awesome giveaway for you...

The best skins for your iPhone, iPad, and other devices

I rarely get excited about accessories because I like to keep my devices simple. I've always thought that Apple has done a great job at designing beautiful products, so why would I want to stick my iPhone in a case or apply a skin to it, right?

There is a company out there that has slowly been changing what I think of skins though: iCarbons. I had never heard of them, but because they are also JailbreakCon sponsors, we started talking, and they offered to send me a few of their skins to check out. I've been in love ever since...

Carved offers beautiful laser engraved wooden skins for iDevices [giveaway]

You know I'm not really fond of cases or skins, but I never miss an occasion to check a new one out, especially when it's made to order. The folks over at Carved sent me a couple custom iDB skins a while ago and today I'd like to show you what it looks like.

Carved is a relatively new company that sells laser engraved wooden skins for iPhone, iPad and other devices. You can choose from a selection of skins for iPhone or for iPad, or even better, you can design your own custom skin to be laser engraved...

Giveaway: GelaSkins Skins for Your iPad [Winners Announced]

The folks at GelaSkins emailed us yesterday to let us know that their eReader skins are now shipping in a velvety matte finish. The new skins blend with the page-like screens of eReaders and eliminate glare associated with the signature gloss finish.

This is all great news if you have an eReader such as a Kindle, Nook, or Sony eReaders. But we're iPad people over here, and we like the shiny glossy finish.

To celebrate their new finish though, GelaSkins was kind enough to provide us with two $40 gift codes to give away to our loyal readers...

Review: SGP Skin Guard for iPhone 4

If you’re one of those people that likes a clean feel on your iPhone but still want a sense of protection, there are some attractive options on the screen protector market. I recently installed the SGP Skin Guard for iPhone 4 and was very impressed with the finished result.

Here is my full review of the product...

Turn Your iPhone 4 Into A Game Boy

We'd seen this before for the iPhone 3G and 3Gs so it's all natural this awesome skin has been made available for the iPhone 4.

This original skin will turn the back of your iPhone 4 into a Game Boy. I would never put this on my iPhone but I think it's a really cool geeky product.

They run for $9.95 at Zapstatic, but they're unfortunately out of stock for the time being.

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