Get 35% off and free shipping on your iCarbons skins

iCarbons Cyber Monday 2013

If you’ve read iDownloadBlog for a while, then you probably already know how much I love iCarbons. After meeting with them in person at JailbreakCon last year, I realized these were just good people with great quality products and a great sense of customer satisfaction.

Never before meeting them and seeing their skins did I ever think about putting a vinyl sticker on top of my devices. The idea was quite repulsive to me, to be honest, but I quickly changed my mind, and to date, I believe that no less than 6 of my devices have been graced by their skins.

All this to say that the folks at iCarbons are having a Cyber Monday where everything is 35% off…

Looking for a skin for your iPhone? No problem. Your iPad? Sure. Xbox One or Playstation 4? They have a skin for it! As a matter of fact, they have precise cut skins for most devices you can think of (yes, even for your GoPro).

My all time favorite remains the dark wood skin, which really looks like actual wood, although this time around I opted for a black carbon skin for my iPad mini. I usually only get a back skin to just cover the back of my devices. This way, I don’t have to worry about putting my iPad on the coffee table as I know it won’t get scratched. Same with my iPhone. I never cover the front or the sides of the device because I think it looks a bit tacky, but obviously, this is just personal preferences here.

If I had one complaint about iCarbons, it’d be that they don’t have a wide variety of styles – only a dozen or so, if I am correct – but what they lack in quantity, they do make up for in quality.

iCarbons is a small company operated by good people, so it makes me feel even better to send people their way. If you’re looking for a skin for one of your devices, please make sure you check them out first, especially now that everything is 35% off. This sale will run until tomorrow night, so hurry while it lasts.

If you’re still not convinced, read my initial review, or else, click here to pick your iCarbons skin.