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5 great iPhone Shortcuts for fun with your photos

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We’ve shown you some terrific ways to use the Shortcuts app for quick actions on your iPhone. From helping around the house to creating blank icons for your Home Screen, you can use Shortcuts for keeping yourself or your screen organized.

This time, we want to do something enjoyable, so we’ll show you some great Shortcuts for fun with your Photos. From creating a GIF to texting the last photo you took; all it takes it is a tap.

Shortcuts Focus: how to delete all your completed reminders in one fell swoop

Inexplicably, Apple's Reminders app to this date has not bothered to offer us an option to delete all of the completed reminders at once. It should, at the very least, be able to remove completed items after a set number of days, but even that isn't allowed. Basically, you're left with two choices—either, joy, delete completed reminders manually, one by one, like an animal; or, leverage the power of scripting and iOS automation to your advantage like a boss.

Shortcuts Focus: enforcing Picture in Picture on YouTube & other unsupported websites on iPad

Your iPad supports Picture in Picture (PiP) videos in apps and webpages, but this handy mode isn't universally supported across all video-streaming websites. Crucially, PiP is unsupported by's iPad interface on Safari. But there's a shortcut for that, too—thanks to the power of iOS automation, you can enforce Picture in Picture on YouTube and other websites.

Shortcuts Focus: how to work around publication paywalls to read articles for free

The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times,  the Financial Times, Bloomberg, the Boston Globe and similar big media publications may give you a few free articles monthly before you hit their paywall. iDownloadBlog condones paying for news that matters to you. That said, digital media subscriptions are not everyone's cup of tea due to their usually high price. As publishers continue experimenting with digital subscriptions in an attempt to find that sweet pricing spot, one savvy user has decided to take matters into their own hands and come up with an iOS workflow in Apple's Shortcuts app which bypasses article paywalls.

Shortcuts Focus: getting Dark Mode on virtually any website

Darkened interfaces look good in apps, not so much on websites. The problem is, web content remains a major source of visual inconsistency as far as the popular Dark Mode feature is concerned. Thankfully, you can get a Dark Mode-alike environment on almost any website thanks to a handy Dark Mode V2 shortcut for your iPhone and iPad.

Shortcuts Focus: creating a folder for your shortcuts

With iOS 12's Shortcuts app, power users can easily automate repetitive tasks by chaining multiple actions together. Your shortcuts are managed and organized in the Shortcuts app, but displaying them to the user as a list via another shortcut is quite challenging. This is where Easy Folder comes into play. This awesome shortcut, create by Reddit user “e10withadot,”  acts as a virtual folder to which you can add any number of shortcuts, then easily pick one to execute via a popup menu at run time.

Shortcuts Focus: texting multiple recipients in separate messages

iOS 12 brought a new Shortcuts app that makes it easy to chain various actions from multiple apps together and execute them with a tap or a custom voice command. Creative people all over the globe are discovering some truly great uses for iOS automation. Today, iDownloadBlog is highlighting the Mass Message shortcut by Reddit user “LastBrain”.