Sega launches its first iOS exclusive, Sonic Jump

Sega, a console maker turned games developer, is pretty active on the iOS platform. It's been churning out various episodes of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and recently launched its popular Crazy Taxi game on the iPhone. Today, Sega released a brand new iOS game set in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. Called Sonic Jump, it's Sega's first iOS-only game.

As the name suggests, Sonic Jump has your charming hedgehog character jumping up the platforms, collecting coins, avoiding enemies, squaring off against Dr. Eggman and a whole bunch more. It should be instantly familiar to anyone who has played platform jumpers like Doodle Jump. Fans of Sega games will no doubt feel right at home.

Sonic Jump runs natively on both the iPhone and iPad and is provided as a universal binary setting you back two bucks. A few screenies, more info and a trailer can be found past the fold...

Sega’s Crazy Taxi now available in the App Store

A few days ago, Sega announced that it would be bringing its popular Crazy Taxi title to the iOS platform. It posted a short video of gameplay footage, and said that its release date would be sometime in October.

Well it looks like "sometime in October" meant "later this week," because Crazy Taxi showed up in the App Store this morning. Now you can play the classic open-world driver on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch...

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II hits the App Store

Fans of the popular Sonic franchise will be happy to hear that Sega has just finished porting over another new title to iOS featuring the little blue hedgehog. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II is now available in the App Store.

This is the fifth Sonic title that Sega has released on Apple's mobile platform, and it doesn't disappoint. The game features an all-new graphics engine, fit for a Retina display, updated physics, and oh yeah, Tails is back...

OMG! Sega Bringing Sonic CD to iOS!

Those of us old enough to remember the Sega CD, or Mega CD (depending on where you happen to live), will readily admit that it holds a special place in our hearts. The Sega CD was arguably ahead of its time, and eventually died off with the arrival of competing products from Nintendo and Sony, not to mention Sega's own Saturn.

Before it was killed, the Sega CD did survive long enough to give us one of the better Sonic games to come to any platform since the original release.

With that in mind, I can perhaps be forgiven for squealing like a schoolgirl when I say that Sega is bringing Sonic CD to iOS...