New Samsung ad calls iPhone 6 Plus a Galaxy Note imitation

Samsung began airing a new TV spot this weekend for the Galaxy Note 4—its new flagship handset that begins shipping next month. Like most of the company's recent ads, this one goes after Apple, with a specific focus on its just-announced iPhone 6 Plus.

Titled "Then and Now," the commercial points out that while Apple prepares to begin selling its first handset with a display over 5 inches, Samsung has been doing it for years with its Galaxy Note line. It essentially calls the iPhone 6 Plus a Note imitation.

Samsung posts new ‘Screen Envy’ ad in response to iPhone 6 rumors

Samsung has posted a new ad to its YouTube channel this afternoon entitled 'Screen Envy.' The spot addresses rumors that the iPhone 6 will come with a larger display, saying that Samsung's Galaxy smartphones have had 5-inch screens for years.

The commercial literally opens with an iPhone user telling his friend that Apple is working on a larger-screened smartphone. The friend, who is of course using a Galaxy S5, is clearly unimpressed by the speculation, saying "that hasn't happened yet?"

Samsung targets wavering iPhone users in new Galaxy S4 ad

Samsung has posted a new Galaxy S4 TV spot to its YouTube channel this afternoon. The ad, titled 'Ready for Takeoff,' follows the company's recent advertising trend, depicting a man using his S4 in public that eventually gets surrounded by interested onlookers.

This particular ad seems to target iPhone users more than Samsung's previous commercials, though, as it co-stars an iPhone owner who seems very interested in the S4, but says he likes a "simple phone" and worries about the complications of switching. Watch...

Samsung prepares for iPhone 5 launch with new anti-Apple ad

You have to feel for Samsung, it's had a rough month. First, it was found guilty of being a blatant copycat and forced to pay more than a billion dollars in damages. And then, its manufacturing arm took a business hit.

But then you hear stories like this, and all of that empathy turns into...well, something else. It appears that, like everyone else, Samsung is gearing up for the iPhone 5 launch, with a new anti-Apple TV commercial...

Samsung’s Anti-Apple TV Ads Continue by Taking Cheap Shots at iCloud

Samsung has been on a warpath with its advertising team over the past few weeks. We've seen them air multiple commercials that blatantly take shots at iPhone users, and a full-blown Facebook anti-Apple campaign.

The company's latest TV ad to find its way to the air waves is called "Movies and Music." And once again it features a group of young adults waiting in line for the new iPhone, when a Galaxy S II catches their eyes...

New Samsung TV Ad Takes a Stab at iPhone Users

Apple and Samsung have been involved in quite the court battle over the last 6 months. Apple accused Samsung of copying the trademarked design of its products, and since then, the two companies have been in and out of court.

Now it looks like the war is about to spill out into the advertising arena. Although companies have taken shots at Apple's popular smartphone in commercials before, none of them compare to the Korean manufacturer's latest TV spot...