Apple is giving retail employees up to $1,000 in a bonus this fall

The iPhone 13 lineup is about to launch to the public, which means that retail store employees at Apple's physical shops are going to be very busy (which is not necessarily a new occurrence by any means). But, in addition to that, the holiday shopping season is also right around the corner. As a result, Apple's decided to shell out some more money.

Apple reportedly delays iPhone with under-display Touch ID until 2023; first foldable iPhone until 2024

The iPhone 14 may adopt a radical new design (compared to the iPhone 13), but that doesn't mean Apple is going to rest on big new things for what comes after that handset. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is still planning on introducing an iPhone with under-display Touch ID. And, what's more, the company's first foldable iPhone is still on the way, too.

The iPad mini includes 4GB of RAM; ninth-generation iPad has 3GB

Hot on the heels of finding out just how much RAM the new iPhone 13 lineup has, we now know how much is tucked inside the newest iPad models, too. Of course, this isn't official, as Apple isn't going out of its way --as usual-- to tell anyone just how much RAM is in these products. But, considering the source, it's all but confirmed.