FreshCydia gives Cydia a redesigned home page with featured packages & repositories

While there are several package managers for jailbreakers to choose from today, one of the most widely trusted is Cydia, a tried and true workhorse that has been with us jailbreak after jailbreak for more than a decade. However, all that age is beginning to show as Cydia hasn’t received any real aesthetic upgrades over the years; this continues even as competing package managers such as Installer, Sileo, and Zebra both outperform and look much slicker than Cydia.

Experiencing errors when refreshing jailbreak sources? Try this

After jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad, you’ll get most of your jailbreak tweaks and add-ons from dedicated repositories (or sources) that you access from a package manager app, such as Cydia. But then the inevitable happens; you find yourself plagued by unexpected error messages when trying to refresh your repository sources. Bummer, isn’t it?

Cyrch adds a search bar to Cydia’s Sources tab

Jailbreak tweak and theme developers typically use repositories such as BigBoss, Chariz, or Packix to host their work. But with more developers opting to host packages on their own private repositories, your package manager app’s repository list has likely grown much longer today than it would have been 10 years ago.

RepoFinder utility for discovering third-party jailbreak repositories goes open source

Much of the jailbreak community’s resources, including jailbreak tweaks and themes, have migrated to smaller third-party and developer-owned repositories over the past several years. This seemed to be a direct response to the shutdown and archival of the ModMyi and MacCiti & ZodTTD repositories, and was further exacerbated by the shutdown of the Cydia Store back in 2018.

Web-based Parcility jailbreak repository browser officially launches to the public

Repository fragmentation is a growing problem in today’s jailbreak community, especially if you’re a jailbreaker and you’re trying to keep up with all the latest tweak and extension releases from various sources. After Saurik closed the Cydia Store back in 2018, jailbreak tweak developers began flocking to one of the three major repository giants that still support paid packages. Otherwise, they opt to provide their own repositories to host their packages on.

Package managers like Cydia, Installer, Sileo, or Zebra can make it easier to peruse jailbreak repositories, but when using a computer or a non-jailbroken device, you might find yourself visiting a particular repository’s website to learn more about the packages it hosts. We teased a web-based utility dubbed Parcility a few days ago that intended to coalesce information from various repositories into one place, and we’re excited to share that it’s officially available to the public starting today.

Zenumbra shows how many packages you’ve installed from each repo in Zebra

If you use the popular third-party Zebra package manager instead of Cydia for your jailbreak add-on installation needs, then you might be interested in knowing that there’s a new, free jailbreak tweak that can help you keep track of where the bulk of your packages are coming from.

Say hello to Zenumbra, a tweak created by iOS developer FoxfortMobile that displays a count of the number of tweaks you have installed from each of your repositories.

Sileo Team launches Diatrus’ Cydia fork, permitting Cydia & Sileo on the same device

If you’re using the checkra1n jailbreak and you’ve been on the fence about using the Sileo Team’s brand-new installer to get Sileo on your iPhone or iPad because of its conflicts with the pre-installed Cydia package manager, then we’ve got good news for you!

With the help of prominent Sileo porter Diatrus, the Sileo Team has officially launched a new Cydia fork on its GetSileo repository that will allow checkra1n devices to run both Cydia and Sileo side-by-side on the same device using the same version of APT.

Sileo v1.7.1 officially released for Chimera and checkra1n jailbreak users

The Sileo Team took to Twitter late Wednesday evening to share that it had released an updated version of the Sileo package manager dubbed v1.7.1 with various improvements, but that wasn’t all. The Tweet also noted that the new Sileo build was available for both Chimera and checkra1n jailbreak users.

The Sileo Team attempted a checkra1n port for its Sileo package manager just before the new year, and despite a flaky initial release that quickly crashed and burned, it now seems that the Sileo Team is making a second attempt – this time with some help from Diatrus, a name that might sound familiar if you’ve ever used an unofficial Sileo port before.

Installer 5 package manager officially released for jailbroken devices

It was only a couple of weeks ago that the Zebra package manager came out of beta to become publicly available to jailbreakers who wanted to a modern alternative to Cydia, but as of today, Zebra isn’t the only option.

Announced just this morning via the AppTapp Twitter page, it now seems that Installer 5 is officially out of beta and can be installed on jailbroken handsets running iOS 10 and later. Veteran jailbreakers may already be familiar with Installer, but the latest iteration has been rebuilt with newer versions of iOS in mind.