BigBoss repository begins accepting rootless-supported packages following Chariz & Havoc lead

If you’ve been following along in the jailbreak community recently, then you’d know that many of the major repositories that host jailbreak tweaks and other add-ons for pwned iPhones and iPads have been adding support for rootless packages, with the first two being Chariz and Havoc.

Opa334 announces BigBoss repository begins supporting rootless packages.

Just this week, another heavy-hitter incorporated rootless package support, and it’s a name that veteran jailbreakers will feel avidly familiar with: BigBoss.

We were first made aware of the change after Fugu15 Max project developer @opa334 Tweeted about it Thursday morning. We of course know that Fugu15 Max will be a rootless jailbreak for iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.4.1. There has been no official word from the BigBoss repository directly about this change, however we await an official comment.

Indeed, the long-standing BigBoss repository is now accepting rootless-supported jailbreak tweaks and packages that will work with the rootless dynamic on iOS & iPadOS 15 and 16 devices, which is a given in this day and age where Apple’s signed system volume (SSV) protections have made rootless one of the only viable ways for the community to move forward.

While some developers started out by hosting their own rootless-supported repositories, the acceptance of rootless-supported packages on large and centralized repositories such as BigBoss, Chariz, and Havoc means that more jailbreakers can take advantage of modern packages without hunting down random developer repositories and potentially missing out on good tweaks.

One thing worth noting, however, is that only Chariz and Havoc support paid jailbreak tweaks. BigBoss never implemented its own payment system, which means only developers of free jailbreak tweaks, or free packages with their own built-in payment system and DRM, will be able to take advantage of BigBoss.

In any case, it’s wonderful news to see that the BigBoss repository is modernizing its package acceptance to suit the rootless dynamic, in addition to the regular rootful dynamic that many jailbreakers are currently using and enjoying.

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Are you happy to see the BigBoss repository adding support for rootless packages? Let us know in the comments section down below.