Havoc repository opens its doors to rootless-supported jailbreak tweaks

With the vast majority of modern jailbreaks for iOS & iPadOS 15 and 16 being rootless, it should come as no surprise that tweak developers have started launching rootless versions of their tweaks with compatibility for the latest dynamic.

Havoc announces support for rootless packages.

Also important is the fact that the Havoc repository, which is one of the heavy-hitters with respect to hosting jailbreak tweaks these days, took to Twitter late Wednesday night to announce that it would begin supporting both root and rootless .deb files for jailbreak tweaks.

What this means is that jailbreak tweak developers can host either or both root and rootless jailbreak tweak .deb files on the Havoc repository and make it easier for users to download the correct package. Before this announcement, some developers were making their own repositories dedicated especially for rootless-supported packages.

Shortly after the Havoc repository made its announcement regarding rootless packages, iOS developer iCraze, who just this week launched the new Nexus tweak to port iOS 16-like Lock Screen customization to jailbroken iOS 14 and 15 devices, was among the first to announce a rootless edition of their tweak on the Havoc repository.

It’s unclear if all developers will take advantage of Havoc’s new acceptance. For example, TrollStore developer @opa334 said hours after Havoc’s announcement that if the BigBoss repository wouldn’t accept rootless packages, then they would likely upload the rootless versions of their jailbreak tweaks to the Chariz repository instead.

In any case, the acceptance of rootless-supported jailbreak tweaks onto major repositories such as Havoc is a big deal. As modern jailbreaks adapt to this new dynamic, ensuring a smooth transition for users keeps people interested in jailbreaking and makes it easier to download packages for rootless jailbroken devices.

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