iOS developer 0xilis publishes second repository dedicated to rootless-supported jailbreak tweaks

When the palera1n team announced palera1n-c this past weekend, many noticed that it now supports two different jailbreak modes: 1) rootful, which has been used this entire time; and 2) rootless, which is the new jailbreak dynamic that the community will be shifting to.

Sileo on palera1n device home screen.

Obviously, a lot of jailbreak tweaks don’t support the rootless dynamic yet, which means they’ll need to be updated to support it. Fortunately, iOS developer 0xilis (now going by Snoolie K), isn’t wasting any time.

In a post shared to /r/jailbreak, it seems that the developer has published a second repository that focuses primarily on rootless-supported jailbreak tweaks, while the developer’s original repository hosts all the rootful-supported jailbreak tweaks.

The new rootless repository currently hosts seven jailbreak tweaks at the time of this writing, and the list is expected to continue growing as time goes on. The existing tweaks include:

  1. AnotherLazyHideDockTweak — this tweak hides Home Screen’s Dock.
  2. Dotless — this tweak hides the Home Screen’s page dots.
  3. HideMyVPN — this tweak hides the VPN indicator from the Status Bar when a VPN connection is active.
  4. Lightshake — this tweak can toggle your iPhone’s flashlight when you shake your device.
  5. Safecuts — this tweak fixes the vulnerability in hidden actions on iOS 15.0-15.3.1.
  6. SnoolieBattery — this tweak brings the battery percent to the iOS 15 Status Bar indicator.
  7. Unsigncuts — this tweak allows you to import unsigned Shortcuts on firmware where this is no longer officially supported.

According to the developer, a lot of these tweaks were already present for rootful jailbreaks and they’re simply being updated to support the rootless dynamic. Lightshake, on the other hand, is a completely new jailbreak tweak that the developer never released until just now.

If you’re interested in giving any of the aforementioned jailbreak tweaks a try on your rootless installation of palera1n-c, then you can get them from the developer’s rootless repository below:

The developer’s rootful jailbreak tweaks are alternatively hosted on the below two repositories:

Do you plan to take advantage of the rootless dynamic in the palera1n-c jailbreak? Let us know in the comments section down below.