Palera1n jailbreak gets C rewrite in version 2.0.0 beta 1 with tons of changes & better user experience

The palera1n team made a major announcement on Twitter Sunday afternoon regarding the checkm8 bootrom exploit-based palera1n jailbreak tool for A9-A11 chip-equipped devices running iOS 15.x-16.3.

palera1n jailbreak icon.

At the root of the announcement is a completely re-written palera1n jailbreak tool that uses the C programming language, which the team says will provide improved stability and a smoother user experience when compared to prior releases.

Palera1n team announces palera1n-c v2.0.0 beta 1.

Dubbed palera1n v2.0.0 beta 1, this new release is available on its own dedicated GitHub page and is considered to be a public beta release. With that sentiment in mind, bugs are to be expected, and in fact, the palera1n team is already aware of some bugs that they outline in the change log below:

Advantageous changes:

– Support for passcodes on A10 & A10X chip-equipped handsets
– Automatic tweak injection just like checkra1n
– Loader app now uprooted to support both rootless and rootful jailbreak methods
– Loader app no longer shows install button if the jailbreak is already installed.
– Doesn’t require an internet connection after the initial download
– Doesn’t need to create a ramdask, which means you don’t need gaster or pyimg4 anymore either
– 10 minutes still required to make the fakeFS, however this is don’t on the device instead of on the computer to improve success rate
– Smaller file size

Disadvantageous changes:

– No way to create or boot in a tethered environment (which 16GB devices are unable to use, however they can use the rootless method)
Substitute may have more issues with connecting to 802.1x esp-peap-mschapv2 Wi-Fi networks
– A9 chip-equipped devices and older may require palera1n-c to be ran again while still being in PongoOS

Another notable change:

Sileo Nightly is now used instead of Sileo. Sileo Nightly is a different version of Sileo that gets nightly updates from the Sileo Team. Because of the nightly updates, this version is considered less stable than the traditional Sileo, however it gets more cutting-edge changes to support the latest dynamics in the latest jailbreak tools. Sileo Nightly supports both the rootless and rootful versions of palera1n.

The palera1n team was clear to state that the steps to use aren’t the same as using palera1n-c. Information about which arguments to use when trying palera1n-c are discussed on the GitHub page.

From what we can gather, palera1n-c is the next step in making the palera1n jailbreak more usable to the general public, and while it’s chock-full of not only improvements, but bugs as well, future updates will eventually iron out those issues.

The latest version of palera1n-c can be had from the project’s GitHub repository. Please note that the palera1n jailbreak does not and will not ever support any device newer than the iPhone X.

Are you planning to try the latest version of the palera1n jailbreak? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.