Following Havoc repository, Chariz begins accepting rootless-supported jailbreak tweaks

Following in the footsteps of the Havoc repository, which just this week began accepting rootless jailbreak-supported jailbreak tweaks and packages in addition to their non-rootless counterparts, the Chariz repository began doing the same Saturday afternoon.

Chariz Repository banner.

Announced in a Tweet, the Chariz repository said that developers may now begin submitting rootless-supported packages alongside rootful versions of packages for users to download.

Chariz repository announced that it would begin accepting rootless packages.

This is fantastic news as modern jailbreaks move toward the rootless dynamic. This empowers more jailbreak tweak developers to not only make rootless jailbreak-supported packages, but also to have them hosted on a major repository used by a substantial number of jailbreakers.

Some developers are already hosting some of their packages on their own rootless-specific repositories, but as more major repositories adopt the rootless dynamic, this won’t be as necessary, making it easier for users to find the packages they desire.

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Are you excited to see that Chariz is joining the Havoc repository in accepting rootless jailbreak tweak submissions from developers? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below.