My favorite accessories for the Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch Series 5 is as much an accessory to my iPhone as it is a personal health and fitness assistant, but despite being an iPhone peripheral by nature, I use a handful of accessories to augment my Apple Watch Series 5 experience. Indeed… insert the ‘we heard you liked accessories, so we put accessories on your accessories…yada, yada, yada’ meme here.

In this piece, I’ll be giving you all a first-hand look at my favorite accessories that I use with my personal Apple Watch Series 5 every day.

Maple 2 brings configurable AirPower-like charging aesthetics to jailbroken handsets

Before Apple abandoned its plan to release a first-party all-in-one wireless charging station slated to be called AirPower, the company also showed off some rather appealing charging banners and animations to accompany it. Sadly, those quirky bells and whistles died with AirPower, and Apple never bothered to enable them for other Qi-enabled wireless charging solutions.

Jailbreakers don’t have to do without, however. Maple 2 is a newly released jailbreak tweak by iOS developer LaughingQuoll that brings these fantastic charging features to pwned devices, and even better, the tweak can be customized more profoundly than Apple ever would have permitted out of the box in a native implementation.

Review: Mophie’s Juice Pack Access battery case supports wired & wireless charging, leaves the Lightning port exposed

Coming in a variety of color options, this versatile battery case from Mophie protects your iPhone while giving you extra battery power when you need it with a simple push of a button. Moreover, it leaves the Lightning port exposed so you can use your wired headphones or Lightning-based accessories while Juice Pack Access is wirelessly charging the handset.